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Title: AarinSecret
Publisher: AarinFantasy
Editor(s): The AarinFantasy staff
Date(s): 2006 Spring (First issue)
2007 Fall (Second issue)
2013 Spring (Third issue)
2014 Summer (Fourth issue)
2015 Winter (Fifth issue)
Series?: Yes
Medium: Digital (PDF or zipped JPG)
Size: Varies
Genre: Yaoi
Fandom: BL/Yaoi
Language: English
External Links: AarinSecret.com
AarinFantasy.com (publisher's main site)
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AarinSecret is a BL/yaoi zine published by AarinFantasy. It includes both fanworks and original work for art and fiction, as well as reviews and information for BL anime, interviews with fanartists and other fans, advertisements for fansites and scanlation teams, games, information on fandom, tutorials, and more.

All issues are available for free digitally online as PDFs. Beginning with the third issue, they begun having limited printings.

First Issue

The first issue of AarinSecret was published in Spring 2006, and was 73 pages long. It features cover art by Heise, and an interview with the artist.

Second Issue

The second issue of AarinSecret was published in Fall 2007, and was 104 pages long. It features cover art of the Uchiha brothers by Yanagoya, and an interview with the artist.

Third Issue

Initial plans were to release the third issue in 2008, but it kept being delayed until it was finally published in Spring 2013. The issue includes an opening note from Aarin, the head of AarinFantasy, explaining that some of the articles might be a bit dated since submissions were being received back around 2008.

The third issue was the first to be available printed. Just 50 copies were available.


Fourth Issue

The fourth issue was published in Summer 2014. Cover art was by Penguin Frontier. This issue also featured back-cover art for the first time, with the art by Black Monkey Pro. It was 62 pages in full color. The printed version was size A5.


  • Interviews with: artist Penguin Frontier, "Squared" director Hieu Tran, cosplayers King x Man, Black Monkey Pro.
  • Tutorials: Aphin's Drawing Tutorial, Kaien Yuu's Cosplay Tutorial.
  • Special Articles: Otome's Way ("Schoolboys & Kissing: A tasty visit to the BL cafe in Ikebukuro!" and "Let's meet Alexis and Shou in A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese!"), "The Difference: A Fujoshi's look at the world of Japanese BL vis-a-vis the English BL scene", "Top 5 Yaoi Anime", "AarinFantasy's FAQ".
  • Event Reports for: Sawachi Nijikai 2013, Animangaki 2013, Room 801, BLush Con 2014, Comic Fiesta 2013.
  • Reviews for: Okusan no Mousouteki Nichijou (manga), Castle Manga (manga), Don't Be Cruel (manga), Free! (anime), Kimishiruya Unmei no Koi (drama CD).

Fifth Issue

The fifth issue was first available in print at Comic Fiesta on December 19-20 2015, and it was available for order worldwide on December 23rd 2015. A digital version is anticipated for release in 2016.