A Summoning of Blood

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Title: A Summoning of Blood
Publisher: Prime Time Press
Author(s): Susan M. Garrett
Cover Artist(s): Ann Larimer
Date(s): July 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Shadow Chasers
Language: English
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cover by Ann Larimer
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A Summoning of Blood is a het 61-page novel by Susan M. Garrett. It was edited by Mary A. Fall and M.D. Bloemker.

It is the sequel to The Periwinkle Ball.


Benny and Jonathan thought their adventure in the dark world of vampires was over. In fact, their memories of the previous adventure had been erased from their minds. Then why are they suddenly being pulled back into the suffocating evil that surrounds the family of vampires? What could the diurnally-challenged ones want with them again? What evil deeds hadn't been completed the first time? Jonathan always knew his partner was crazy, but Benny is just dying to find out if a Star of David works as well as a cross. [1]

Author's Notes

Not a year ago Susan swore that she had left no dangling ends in the story of Jonathan and Benny's encounter with the dark world of the vampire. Aubrey and Ruthven were destroyed, as were the memories our intrepid shadow chasers had of their adventures. However, it seems you can't keep a good vampire down, or an innocent friend from mentioning just one or two teeny-weeny little loose threads. So, unbeknownst to most of us, Susan settled down to clean up all those story points she had thought cleaned up in the Periwinkle Ball. As a result, you are holding Summoning of Blood at this moment and are ready to venture once more into that midnight world where nothing and no one is exactly as they seem. Read on. Enjoy. And, keep your garlic handy. It's going to be a bumpy flight. Susan swears there are no loose ends this time.


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