A River That Runs Both Ways

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Title: A River That Runs Both Ways
Publisher: Manacles Press
Author(s): Melody C.
Cover Artist(s): Caren Parnes
Date(s): 1991
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Wiseguy
Language: English
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A River That Runs Both Ways is a slash 120-page Wiseguy novel by Melody C..

This zine has a sequel, A Consortium of Light.

Caren Parnes is the artist. Art has been included on Fanlore with both the artist's and publisher's permission.


Unknown Date

From an ad in Media Monitor:
This is the Wiseguy novel that jump-started a fandom! Beautifully written, this novel establishes the relationship between Frank and Vinnie amidst a high-risk undercover operation whose target is a ghost from Frank's not-so-happy past.
Agent With Style summary, which is also an ad:
Vinnie is needed to work an operation in which prominent people on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, are being set up and blackmailed by a male prostitution ring, but his face is too well known for him to work in the inner circle of the operation. So Frank McPike is tapped to go undercover, with Vinnie as his controller. It's been a long time since Frank has done field work and he's a bit rusty, but Vinnie is determined to make sure he comes out of it alive -- especially since he's done some hinting and now knows that Frank might be amenable to being more than 'just friends'. Will a strong friendship and a delicate, brand-new relationship survive the harshness of the gritty underworld?


If you're like a lot of us and now are reading '/' zines in other fandoms [than Star Trek:TOS] , I'd like to recommend [Melody C's] A River That Runs Both Ways'. This is a Wiseguy "/" novel, the first, I believe, of its kind, and is possibly the best '/' I've ever read in any fandom. [1]


  1. a rec by Kathy Resch in T'hy'la #9