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Title: A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast
Created by: Rob Zacny, Natalie Watson, Ali Acampora, and Austin Walker
Date(s): Dec 23, 2020 - present
Focus: rewatch, replay, political analysis/discussion
Fandom: Star Wars
External Links: Official website, Patreon
Cover art by Xeecee

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A More Civilized Age: A Star Wars Podcast (originally titled A More Civilized Age: A Clone Wars Podcast), or AMCA for short, is a critical Star Wars podcast hosted by Star Wars fans Rob Zacny, Natalie Wilson, Ali Acampora, and Austin Walker. It is produced by Ricardo Contreras, with original music by Jack de Quidt.[1] Episodes revolve around analysis and discussion as the hosts rewatch, reread, and replay various Star Wars properties, with a focus on the politics of the canon and "the meta-politics surrounding the fiction."[2]

The podcast is popular, with nearly 5,800 patrons on Patreon as of Oct 31, 2023. Some listeners began as fans of the hosts' other podcasts (including the now-defunct games/culture podcast Waypoint Radio and the actual-play series Friends at the Table) while others are Star Wars fans with no previous experience with the hosts' oeuvres.

Fan Responses and Reviews

Some Star Wars fans have criticized the hosts' anti-Jedi bias and the show's gender dynamics:

I think I'm going to give up on [A More Civilized Age]. The hosts were always harsher on the Jedi than I like, but then one of them threw out: "Yoda should have just not started the war. What was Dooku gonna do, enslave every planet that didn't join him?"

Yes! Yes, that's exactly what he would have done! What the fuck makes you say with such confidence that he wouldn't??? Yeah, sure, Palpatine's long game doesn't work without the clones, but he also doesn't need it. The short game worked!
[Anonymous replied]
I've listened to a few episodes but it never clicked with me -- something about the guys' smugness, or...idk.[3]
I'm rewatching the Clone Wars and got excited when I found it since if includes two women and it has really long in-depth episodes (which usually is a thing I look for), but then so much of each episode was the one really smug guy talking constantly and giving his anti-Jedi takes which sometimes felt like a bit of a reach.[4]

Others have praised the show for its mix of serious leftist analysis and enthusiastic fan discussion:

Is anyone else listening to the podcast A More Civilized Age? I really love their discussions of Andor - it's a perfect mix of serious analysis and goofy fannish enthusiasm.[5]
Everyone who sees this should go listen to the A More Civilized Age podcast, and indie leftist star wars podcast currently going through and critically analyzing all the arcs of the clone wars show. They're really good and I think they should have a bigger audience[6]
Please, I beg of thee, if you like Andor, listen to A More Civilized Age, aka the only good Star Wars Podcast. One host reads the communist manifesto for like five minutes straight to examine how the Narkina 5 prisoners build solidarity with their fellow inmates and then later the hosts take turns reading and embellishing upon Luthen's sacrifice speech with a cowboy accent. What did he give up? Calm, kindess, his spurs, the open range...[7]
the aldhani episode of a more civilized age is maybe one of my favourite episodes yet. clever as always but you can just FEEL the joy they have at digging into something intentionally and thoughtfully crafted while also coming absolutely unhinged and silly all it would need is a big austin thesis rant and it would be the perfect episode. as it is, it is without flaw[8]


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