A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited (convention)

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Name: A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited
Dates: 1999
Location: Orlando, Florida
Type: fan con with guests from the show
Focus: Beauty and the Beast
Founding Date:
URL: WayBack link to convention website
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A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited was a Beauty and the Beast convention that was held in 1999 in Orlando, Florida. The convention also published a charity zine under the same name: A Kingdom by the Sea Revisited.

There were two other related conventions: A Kingdom by the Sea (2002 Beauty and the Beast convention) and (A Kingdom by the Sea (1996 Beauty and the Beast convention)‎‎.

Dealer's Room

From the online flyer posted to volume 5 Of Love and Hope:
"There will be at least twenty-five dealers tables this year with an abundance of merchandise to choose. Many of the dealers will be familiar to us and others we have not seen for a while. To name drop a few of the dealers, Clare Sieffert, JoAnn Grant, and Sandy P. Shelton will have tables this year as well as Sandy C. Shelton and Trish Kehoe. The LA group have purchased two tables and so has Stu and Debbie Shef and CABB. Ann Brown will also have a table this year; she has not attended a convention for a few years. All of these people have never failed to offer tempting merchandise. I'm sure everyone that visits this years dealer's room will walk away with a smile on their face. There will also be the two convention tables. One will have 99 con merchandise and the other one "The Table of Hidden Treasures", will have items form our tunnel family that have been donated so others may enjoy. The items that have so generously been given to me range form fanzines, posters, photocopied scripts, pictures of Vincent and Catherine, t-shirts, two pewter Vincents, and many many more items. Many of the items are no longer available and will be precious treats for some lucky people. Proceeds of this table go to the convention's charity, the American Cancer Society."


A convention report can be found here.[1] Additional photos, memories and videos are archived here.[2][3]


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