A Genderfuck Reader in SGA

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Title: A Genderfuck Reader in SGA
Creator: cupidsbow
Date(s): 2007-04-12 (updated February 2008)
Fandom: SGA
External Links: A Genderfuck Reader in SGA, Archived version
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A Genderfuck Reader in SGA is a post by cupidsbow.

It includes a short introduction and a list of links to mainly essays (plus three stories, and some art) that focus on genderfuck fanfiction in the Stargate Atlantis fandom.

The post is here: A Genderfuck Reader in SGA, Archived version

The Introduction

Recently, I've been trying to explain to non-fanfiction readers that one of the most fascinating aspects of fanfiction is the way in which it exists as a giant meta-text, rather than lots of individual stories (although, of course, it is that too). It's hard to point to concrete examples of this back-and-forth conversation because, as you'd expect on the internet, the conversational threads are all so sprawling and ad-hoc. In the last few months, however, there's been a trend in "genderfuck" (people changing gender) stories in Stargate: Atlantis fandom, as well as a concentrated analysis of the politics of genderfuck. These stories and essays interrogate what it is to be gendered and often deal with issues such as misogyny, sexuality and identity to various degrees. The extraordinary cohesiveness of the theme allows me to put together a kind of "primer" foregrounding the inter-connectedness of these fannish texts.

The links below should be considered a starting point, rather than a definitive list. Genderfuck is a conversation which crosses fandom lines, as the theme has a long history; SGA is not the first fandom to use it, and many of the ideas articulated in SGA stories build on what has gone before. Likewise, the conversation is not yet over, and is branching out in new directions all the time.

Another thing to be aware of is that I'm privileging the texts I found most interesting, but they are just a sample: the tip of the proverbial iceburg.

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The Essays

The Fanworks Cited in the Comments