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Pairing: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan
Alternative name(s): Ziall, Horlik
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: One Direction
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: secondary
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Ziall is the ship name for One Direction band member Niall Horan and former member Zayn Malik. It is the fourth most popular intraband pairing in the fandom.[1]

Tumblr user howdareyoulouis on Ziall:

you know how all the 1d boys love each other no matter what and are not afraid to show it? WELL. zayn and niall are the only ones who feel this constant need to SAY IT TO EACH OTHER. ALL THE TIME. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. i love you zayn. i love you more niall. no big deal let’s say it again. just to be sure. JUST TO REMIND EACH OTHER DO YOU HEAR ME CRYING [2]

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