Zee-Magnees Prizes

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Name: Zee-Magnees Prizes
Date(s): 1998
Frequency: annual
Associated Community:
Fandom: all varieties of Star Trek
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Zee-Magnees Prizes was a zine award proposed by Randall Landers and sponsored by Orion Press.

It had a write-in ballot, and that's that. No money required, no convention association. Unfortunately, many fans thought that the zines voted on must have been published by Orion Press but that wasn't the case.

From a notice in a 1998 The New Monthly: "With its simplified balloting system, these awards are for Star Trek fanzines/editors, artists, and authors only. There are no complicated nonimating procedures. There is no $1.00 per ballot voting fee. It's simply a write-in ballot where you can vote for your favorite non-adult and adult TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY zine/eds, authors, and artists. We need a return address on our ballot (which will NOT be added to our mailing list), but other than that, there are no restrictions... Awards will be issued in June, possibly Shore Leave."

Marty Siegrist was a winner one year.