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ZebraCon 17 (2005)

cover 2005 Program Guide, designed by Office Max
  • The convention website is archived here: 2005 - Zebracon 17[1]
  • A copy of the 2005 Program Guide in pdf form can be found here.
  • Attendees: 272
  • Amount raised in Charity Auction: $2500
  • Amount raised by the raffle: $700
  • Amount to be shared by the Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Noah's Wish
  • Number pre-registered for ZCon 18: 135
  • Number of outfits Karen wore: Only 11! (Source: annual Huggy Award pages)

Vid Show

Playlists and vid show reviews from the 1990s and 2000s are being collected at ZebraCon/Vid Show.

Art and Fiction Awards

See Huggy Awards.

Program Book

Convention Reports

....I just want to say upfront that I had an absolute blast at Zebracon. Meeting people you've only previously talked to on line, putting a face to a name, knowing that some obscure reference will still be immediately understood. there's no drug like it. Even when chatting with women from fandoms other than your own!...

Friday the rush for the dealer room when it opened at 11am was like a feeding frenzy. Must have new zines!! I unfortunately managed to miss picking up copies of Back to Back, and Kass' zine through oversight. Will get them at SHarecon in a year, I guarentee. I got many S&H and also The Sentinel zines. I sat on an interesting panel for Numb3rs. Much discussion about the family dynamics, that many people hate the new woman Megan (I don't, for the record) and whether there was slash in Numb3rs. Since I won't

slash Don and Charlie (will read it, I'm such a slut) but it was suggested that maybe Charlie and Larry would work, and I am warming to that. Also sat on a Firefly/Serenity panel, which was mostly about the movie and hopes for sequels. Many like Mal/Simon slash, which I would not even read, I think. I still have odd Mal and River vibes, which a few shared. There were panels on House and a few other series that I enjoy, but I seemed to have missed them, but can't remember for the life of me why now. Oh, went to one on the influences of Jim and Blair's childhoods on their personalities, and only what was canon was allowed to be discussed. I also sat sentry on the art room for two hours and bid on a few beautiful pieces while there.

What was Friday night? (pause to pull out con schedule) Oh, three hours of awesome vids in all fandoms. Loved the ASJ one, as I've said. all the S&H ones (Morgan can do no wrong) Loved seeing some Pros ones with Doyle shot--made me definitely want to see that ep. I messed up my feedback paper so badly that I doubt the vidders will be able to read mine.

Saturday, the rooms opened earlier, and much buying was done. Also, it was Starsky and Hutch day, since all our panels and festivities were on the same afternoon. Went out to a very late breakfast with Kimberly and co. Seven of us crammed into the PT Cruiser. I got to know Jen Hutchinson, Sel and Minx very well in the back seat. I had chocolate chip pancakes and Jen had pumpkin, but I don't remember anyone else's breakfast. Then we went to a Halloween store and perused the stuff. I would have liked to buy a mini bondage fairy costume (still got the legs for that) but I settled on a bondage witch hat. Jen got a zebra striped pantsuit and Sel had a red 'velvet' pimp suit with zebra striped trim. Quite the fashion statement. Moon had sweet black fairy wings.

The S&H panel on new generation fans was at one, and a lively discussion it was. Flamingo introduced one of the founding mothers of our fandom, Ruth Kurz, who apparently is a great artist and author, but I'm not sure I've read anything by her. I plan to rectify that soon! Several older fans were there, and then the new younger ones who weren't even old enough to breathe when the show was on the air. It was a well attended panel.

I think I shopped for an hour, and then went to the Starsky and Hutch party. HL was annoyed that I missed the Lost party, and so was I, since apparently a photo of Sawyer was threatened by small stuffed boars, but the S&H party was great! She did forgive me and gave me a picture of Charlie. Lots of food, some left over from the Lostaways, continuous vid shows, and dancing to the music (mostly by me and Jen whenever Discovery Channel was playing). I handed out magnets and stickers and let people oggle my rare pic of PMG [Paul Michael Glaser]. Flamingo is the sweetest person ever and she gives good hugs.

Directly after the party was another S&H panel on whether they could be lovers and partners. Much discussion on the pros and cons of living together and the historical significance of that versus fictional reality. Could they both live in the same house and do they still own that fixer upper?.....

I didn't end up going to the Art auction because I gave into to my Invisible Man yearnings and went to the video room to watch the pilot. I hadn't seen it in over a year, I think. Turned out the woman who was pimping Iman was someone I'd met on line and we chatted a bit but the Pros people (I think) came to throw us out so that they could show one of their one.

After, S&H fans trooped to Flamingo and Anne's room for S&H vids until you fell asleep or dawn, whichever came first. I ate chocolates and tried to ignore an asthma attack--too much barometer pressure changes, cigarette smoke and a humid room, so my croaky wheezey voice and I left at about 1:30 for my inhaler. I read Timeless for a long while, and Kimberly and Moon came back after I'd turned out the light.

Sunday there was the charity Auction. I bought two Sentinel zines. Cyanne spent a great deal on a Stargate charm bracelet! I forget how much the S&H one went for, but I didn't even bid on it since it was tres expensive. Did attempt to bid on a Lost one, but it went out of my meager price range very quickly. Maverick, who had made the marvelous bracelets, looked faint at how high her creations were selling for. The set of six Qleap comics I had donated went for $40 which amazed me, since Qleap didn't seem a vocal

fandom, and I'd gotten them for a Christmas present! All proceeds went to EGlaser pediatric Aids Foundation and Noah's Wish, which helps pets in disasters....

Monday morning goodbyes. Sigh. Sat with a group and scrounged CC's toast while I was waiting for my taxi. I won't see most of these people for another year!! Waah. But I had my zines on the plane to console me. Molo's Jericho is a winner, thumbs up from me. S&H has the best fans!! [10]
...Friday morning we shanghaied silver_cyanne, went to breakfast at IHOP where other tables were also filled with ZCon-attendees, and finished our party shopping. silver_cyanne had created the ‘Cowley’s Pure Malt Scotch’ labels and hauled the Scotch and Swiss rolls (courtesy of my daughter) from Maryland. We had the Scotch and we had the little bottles. We needed a funnel to pour from the big to the little without losing a drop. abelladonna suggested we buy a catsup squirter since we couldn’t find a funnel small enough. We put the small bottle into a coffee mug and squirted away. By the time windrain10 and EDioVal returned from the airport the room smelled like a distillery. They helped with the finishing touches, hauling everything over to the party suite and setting things up.

I managed to squeeze in some time at the Sentinel party, a quick run through the Dealer’s Room and delivering my DVDs to Media Mugs in between fretting about the party. Did I mention how much I love my friends? Don’t know what I’d do without them!

I think the (Pros) party went ok. Everyone seemed to have a good time. There was much laughter and talking. The party bags were black (couldn’t find any green ones); had a picture of Doyle on one side and Bodie on the other; a disk with pictures and articles; a Swiss roll, and the bottle of Scotch. Each attendee was given a ticket for drawings. We gave away several trinkets with small handcuffs, a Larton Chronicles disk courtesy of Elessar, one of my Pros 2003 songvid DVDs, Arabian Nights (zine), and a beautiful Pros travel mug courtesy of Media Mugs. The winner justacat of the ‘name that episode’ game received a region-free DVD set of the series.

Immediately after the party was the Pros panel. I managed to catch part of it after cleaning up the party suite. justacat, przed, and Elessar were moderators. An hour is never enough time to discuss Bodie and Doyle.

Next came the vid show. We were given a playlist and comment sheets so the viewers could give feedback to the vidders while the vid was fresh in their minds. What a novel idea! My vids were the fifth set in the show so I was good up until then. During the break between vidders, my wonderful friends moved their seats until I was surrounded by them. (I always sit at the back of the room – cowardly, I know) I’m an absolute nervous wreck when my vids are being shown and totally intimidated by some of the older (meaning long-time) vidders. It wouldn’t matter if I won an Oscar, I’d still feel my work wasn’t good enough. Conditioning, indoctrination, whatever you want to call it, is hard to fight. After this I was free to enjoy the rest of the weekend without pressure.

Saturday morning, while the OAT (Outback Assault Team) slept in, I caught a ride to breakfast with Elessar and a couple of other Pros fans. I’m sorry I don’t think I ever put names with faces, but have seen the ladies several times. Finally got to shop in the Dealer’s Room and picked up my order from Lionheart (all Pros zines!) The ladies manning the Dealer’s tables miss so much of the con by standing fast and feeding our habits. Went to the ‘meet the vidders’ panel and received the feedback forms from the vid show. Except for one or two comments, the only negative feedback was about the sound and a few dark scenes which were because of the show equipment, not my vids, so I was pleasantly surprised. Some people are pressuring me to drop Pros and Starsky and Hutch and get into a ‘live’ fandom – not going to happen ladies. I may add to, but will not drop my older fandoms.

Attended the Starsky & Hutch party in the afternoon and touched base with old friends. Discovered one of my vids was instrumental in starting a plot bunny for a story – what a compliment! Had to go by the zine, of course. (one of my roomies had a story in the same zine!) We marched across the street for dinner at the pizza place, but when the tables around us started filling up with kids we decided to get ours to go. We ate pizza and watched Stargate Atlantis eps. In between all these activities was meeting friends in the lobby.

Saturday night was the con party and awards. Several attendees dressed up and lots of pictures were taken. It’s a shame that all of the nominees for awards couldn’t win. It’s like choosing between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples – the same, yet different. I wonder if there’ll ever be vid categories like story categories. The skit performed was very funny and the actors did a great job. As always, everyone in the room sang ‘The Rose’ at the end of the party. It was beautiful and sad at the same time. It will be devastating at the next/last ZCon. After a short break came the Art Auction. The talent in fandom is absolutely awesome. I went up to Flamingo’s room briefly, but it was a bit crowded so I didn’t stay. We went down to the vid room and I don’t even remember what we watched. I know I fell asleep. *g*

Sunday morning I had breakfast with a S&H group.....Anyway, I enjoyed listening to everybody since I’ve been more into my Pros place than my Starsky place the last couple of years.

The Charity Auction was something. There were some beautiful bracelets made by Maverick that went for over $300. I lost my bid for the Pros annuals but justacat said agentxpndble has them all online, so I don’t feel so bad. My roomies all left so I moved my stuff to the OAT’s room, but kept being drawn back to the Dealer’s Room. paris7am was kind enough to haul my overflow to her house since she drove. It’ll give us an excuse to get together soon and rehash the con and her trip to the UK. *g*

I didn’t get to say goodbye to everybody, but maybe it’s for the best...In the great scheme of life, I don’t seem to fit anywhere, but the closest I’ve found is at cons. .... On the whole, ZCon is at the top of the list of favorites and this past weekend was great. And so ends my long-winded report on ZCon. I’d list all of the great people I got to see again, but would forget somebody and feel terrible so I won’t try. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. [11]


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