Yamane Ayano

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Name: Yamane Ayano
Also Known As: やまね あやの, 山根 綾乃
Occupation: Mangaka
Medium: Manga, Doujinshi
Official Website(s): http://yamaneayano.com/ (EN/JP), https://twitter.com/#!/yamaneayano (Twitter, JP)
Fan Website(s): http://yamane-ayano.livejournal.com/
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Yamane Ayano is one of the top-selling BL artists in Japan[1] and beyond that a strong presence in yaoi fandoms all over the world. She has been guest of honor at the Yaoi-Con twice[2] and is known to be genuinely interested in her fans.

Focusing on doujinshi and oneshots at first, she reached her breakthrough with the Finder Series, a story revolving around Yakuza, the Chinese Mafia and a young photographer who stumbles into this dangerous world during a job. The Finder series also made Yamane Ayano a household name in the international BL fandom, using tropes and dynamics that are considered typical for yaoi:
The Finder Series is one of those books that really captures almost everything that IS yaoi. It's got beautiful leading characters, an interesting story line, and a power play relationship between the two main characters. The character of Asami (the main character) is a huge fan favorite -- he's a combination of passion, coolness and mystery.[3]
With Crimson Spell Yamane Ayano started a second successful and long running Boys' Love manga series, this time set in a medieval fantasy world, playing with the aspect of demonic possession.

List of Works[4]




  • Aibu (Slam Dunk doujinshi)




  • 強がりのPureSoul (tsuyogari no pure soul, The Strength of Pure Soul - oneshot)
  • ヒーローみたいに (hiiroo mitai ni, Like a Hero - oneshot)


  • ダブルフェイス (daburu feisu, Double Face - oneshot)


  • Risky Society (God Bless my Justice - oneshot, distributed in side chapters throughout the Finder series))
  • Love Lesson (oneshot)
  • Lock Out (oneshot)
  • Finder Series (ongoing)
  • キャット アンド マスター ドッグ (kyatto ando masutaa doggu, Cat and Master Dog - oneshot)


  • 異国色恋浪漫譚 (ikoku irokoi romantan, The Romantic Tale of a Foreign Love Affair)
  • ベイクド・スウィートメガネ (beikudo suwiito megane, Baked Sweet Glasses - oneshot)


  • クリムゾン・スペル (kurimuzon superu, Crimson Spell - ongoing)


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