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Name: Yvonne McCool
Alias(es): YS McCool
Type: writer, editor, publisher, fan artist
Fandoms: Sentinel, CSI, Due South
URL: WayBack Archive link to zine flyers & Yvonne's General Fan Fiction (See Flashpoint Fiction. Email author for required password to access site)
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Yvonne McCool is a slash writer, fan artist and e-zine publisher. Some of her Sentinel fan fiction can be found at the Cascade Library.[1] She began writing Sentinel fan fiction in 1996, but her first fan fiction piece was "A Firm Hand", a Star Trek: Voyager story. She was interviewed by the Cascade Library in 1999, where an interview with her can be found.[2] The blurb says:

Yvonne McCool has been writing great Sentinel fan fiction for almost three years now and has become famous for her lengthy futuristic drama series, Upgrade, as well as a number of stand-alone drama and humor pieces. Yvonne has written 29 chapters of Upgrade so far. This is one of the longest-running series in the gen Sentinel fandom, transplanting the descendants of the Sentinel characters into a future universe. Yvonne shares her love of The Sentinel and writing with her husband, Robert McCool, who also writes TS fan fiction. Their most recent collaboration is the Allies series, a crossover between The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1. Yvonne's Cascade Library story listing currently includes 33 stories. Her stories are located at her webpage, Yvonne's General Fan Fiction.[3]

In more recent years she has branched out to other fandoms, including Due South and CSI.


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