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Fan Club
Name: X Mysterie Fanclub
Dates: 1998 - 2000?
Founder(s): Sylvia Rietdorff(?)
Leadership: Sylvia Rietdorff, Sammy und Mausi
Country based in: Germany
Focus: The X-Files
External Links: http://privat.schlund.de/The_Sammy/index.htm (defunct, no wayback copy)
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The X Mysterie Fanclub[sic!] was an unofficial*, fan run for profit X-Files fan club. It was based in Berlin.

It was run by Sylvia Rietdorff. Rietdorff also made at least two public appearances in her function as head of the fan club. One was a June 1998 appearance at local Berlin channel tvberlin where she appeared along side the German voice actors for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny[1], the other was in 2000 for a ZDF show called Besucher aus dem All[2], the other.

The as of July 1998, monthly membership fee was 40 DM for adults and 30 DM for pupil/students for the remainder of the year 1998.

*The club was listed in the now defunct Pro7 club magazine as a Pro 7 Fanclub[3].

Rietdorff posted a few times to de.rec.tv.akte-x in 1998[4], mainly to promote her fan club. Her posts were usually not met with a warm welcome by the other fans[5]. After a conventions called Charity Mystery Convention (in corporation of company called CCC - Crazy Creative Company based in Frankfurt) was announced via a flyer that was attributed to the X Mysterie Fanclub for 2000 that was supposed to happen in Munich[6] and included a very unlikely guest list[7].


The club published at least 2 zines per year, (probably 4) and at least two newsletter. The zines contained up to 40 pages and were partly in color.

In 1998, the club raffled tickets for the 1998 European premiere of the first X-Files feature film Fight the Future which was held at the Brandenburger Tor[8] that had no appearances by any X-Files celebrity guests, only German B and C celebrities, for example some soap starlets from GZSZ. The premiere was also attended by Rietdorff[9].

Some members of the club also seemed to contribute articles for the German genre magazine Space View.[10]

1999 X-Mysterie Meeting (X-Meeting)

In summer 1999 a fan convention called X-Meeting was planned in Berlin.[11] Guest were the German voice actors for Anderson (Franziska Pigulla) and Duchovny (Benjamin Völz) and author and BNF X-Phile Jane Goldman. Also announced was actor A Martinez from the TV show Profiler. The event was covered in the German monthly genre magazine TV Highlights, which also included interviews with the voice actors.


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