Wolven Trilogy Omnibus

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Title: Wolven Trilogy Omnibus
Publisher: Jane of Australia
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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Series: The Wolven Trilogy

Wolven Trilogy Omnibus is a 450-page collection of three Professionals novels by Jane of Australia. It has grey covers and is bound with braided red ribbon.

Reactions and Reviews

One of the first things I ever read in Pros was Jane's Wolven trilogy - Flesh and Steel (1994), Blood and Fire (1994) and Soul and Storm (1999).

Bearing in mind that it's well over five years since I read these stories, my recollection of them is that Doyle is the dominant character here - he's a vampire, the leader of an army, and a man who knows exactly what he wants and doesn't hesitate to take it. Bodie is a werewolf who can foresee the future and is a far more submissive character, readily agreeing to a life in Doyle's service until such time as he can prove himself to be as great a leader of men as his master. By the end of the trilogy the two are living together as equals.

It's quite likely that the passage of time may have clouded my remembrance of these stories, but I'm fairly certain that I haven't seen this same Bodie/Doyle dynamic in any of Jane's other stories. If there are any that follow a similar pattern then I'd be very happy to read them! [1]


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