Witches (multifandom vid)

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Title: Witches
Creator: flozx22
Date: Published on 17 Jun 2014
Format: digital
Length: 03:27
Music: Digital Daggers - The Devil Within
Genre: gen
Fandom: Multifandom
Footage: various live-action tv shows and movies
URL: Youtube link

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Witches is a multifandom gen fanvid by flozx22 published on 17 Jan 2014. It is a first video created by that vidder. In the description to the video, the artist credited Witcher Noelle for inspiration. They also used some clips from Witcher Noelle's video, who didn't mind their clips being used[1]. As of 26 January 2017, the video has 128,430 views, 1433 likes and 10 dislikes.

Due to author's lack of credit of the footage used or the song, a lot of comments under the video pertain more to "what song is it?" and "what show/movie at xxx mark?" than to actual content and quality of the video. A lot of comments are also criticizing the choice of fandoms in the videos (with voices for and against the choices), with a lot of people calling out the artist's use of footage from Carrie.

Fandoms included


This is one of the perfect songs for Supernatural, yet I don't see anything Supernatural in it :( But great vid!![2]
hello , your video is beautiful . I would to know how you call the film that you put in the video except the vampire diaries , the originals and Harry Potter . If you can answer me , would you do me a favor , I'd like to see these films .[3]
I wish there was more Bonnie in this but it's still beautiful needles to say. :))[4]
Great video, but you shouldn't have put in the people from The UNOriganal's, because they are lame people and shouldn't even be alive![5]


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