Witch Hat Atelier

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Name: Witch Hat Atelier ( とんがり帽子のアトリエ Tongari Bōshi no Atorie)
Abbreviation(s): WHA
Creator: SHIRAHAMA Kamome (白浜鴎) ♀
Date(s): July 2016 - ongoing
Medium: Manga
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Author's Twitter
Kodansha Site
Witch Hat Atelier, Volume 1
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Witch Hat Atelier debuted in July 2016 in Kodansha's Morning magazine. While this isn't Shirahama Kamome's first work, it is perhaps her best known one to date, having become quite popular in Japan and gaining traction in the West. In 2020 it won both a Harvey Award[1] and an Eisner Award.[2] Before this manga, Shirahama was best known for her cover art for DC and Marvel.


"In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: she wants to be a witch. But everybody knows magicians are born, not made, and Coco was not born with a gift for magic. Resigned to her un-magical life, Coco is about to give up on her dream to become a witch … until the day she meets Qifrey, a mysterious, traveling magician. After secretly seeing Qifrey perform magic in a way she’s never seen before, Coco soon learns what everybody “knows” might not be the truth, and discovers that her magical dream may not be as far away as it may seem …"
Kodansha [3]


Witch Hat Atelier deals with themes of self-discovery, what the role of a teacher means, and when to follow tradition and break out on a new path. The way magic is portrayed is often considered an allegory for being an artist.


While the manga is quite popular and has won awards, the fandom's online presence remains small so far. There is, however, a fair amount of interaction on Shirahama's Twitter page, which demonstrates some of the enthusiasm fans have for the series.


The largest ship in fandom is Qifrey/Olruggio. However, there are no canon ships within the manga itself at this time.

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