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Name/s: bemused_writer, bemused-writer
Fandom/s: Vanitas no Carte, Witch Hat Atelier, Pandora Hearts, CLAMP,
You can find me at: Dreamwidth; AO3; Tumblr
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I've been actively involved in online fandom since around 2007 when I first signed up for FanFiction.Net, which is where I spent the vast majority of my fannish time for several years. Around that same period I also joined DeviantArt and LiveJournal (though my LJ time was after Strikethrough and thus I missed it at its peak). In 2012 I joined Tumblr, which proceeded to dominate my fandom experience. I was a part of the SuperWhoLock and Pandora Hearts fandoms among others. Nowadays I'm still quite active on Tumblr, but I spend a great deal of time on Dreamwidth. I've technically been on that site since 2012 as well, but I really took off with it in 2018. It is a proper repository of all my writing.

As for the OTW, I've been on AO3 since 2013, but I've only recently (as of 2021) started up on Fanlore. It was a logical followup to another one of my hobbies: writing meta. I love getting into the details of canon/fandom and I love history, so Fanlore is a good place for me.

The fandom I contribute to the most is Vanitas no Carte and that is the first page I created for Fanlore as well. I'm best known for writing monthly meta for the series (chapter by chapter starting with chapter 35) and various AUs and other fic. Other fandoms I'm currently engaged in one way or another are X/1999, Witch Hat Atelier (both of which I've also written some meta for), and The Stormlight Archive.

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