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Name: Wish (ウィッシュ Wisshu)
Creator: CLAMP
Date(s): November 1995 – August 1998
Medium: manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Wish was a four-volume manga by CLAMP.


The story begins when Dr. Shuichiro Kudo discovered an angel named Kohaku stuck in a tree. As thanks for freeing him, Kohaku insisted on fulfilling Kudo's greatest wish, only Kudo insisted he didn't have one. Eventually, though, Kudo realized he loved Kohaku and wished for the angel to stay by his side forever.

The subplots focused on the forbidden love between angel Hisui and demon Kokuyo and bullying demon Koryuu's complicated feelings for Kohaku.


Angel Gender Controversy

In the original Japanese manga, the angel characters were genderless beings. When Tokyopop translated the series, they reportedly could not find the right pronouns by which to refer to them, so the translation rendered the feminine-looking angels female. This did not sit well with the fandom, especially the faction that strongly believed the angels were meant to be male and that the series was originally a shounen ai manga.[1] According to one infamous fan, the reason behind the translation was outright homophobia.[2] Others were offended at the idea that in order to be considered male, a being had to possess a penis. Even today, some still believe Tokyopop's gender translations were too heteronormative.[3]



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