Windmills of Your Mind

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Title: Windmills of Your Mind
Creator: Gayle and Morgan Dawn
Date: 2001
Music: "Windmills of Your Mind" (Sting)
Fandom: La Femme Nikita
URL: streaming and download at AO3

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Windmills of Your Mind is a La Femme Nikita vid by Gayle and Morgan Dawn from the VCR-era of vidding.

It premiered at Escapade in 2001.

Fan Comments

Just terrific. The vidders used both clips in which the camera spins and ones in which the figures spin and turn within the frame to create a dizzying (but not disorienting) effect that perfectly matched the lyrics and melody. I hadn't heard this version of the song before; it's slightly irregular, so that I felt that the ground wasn't quite secure beneath my metaphorical feet. And how appropriate that is for a Nikita vid, a universe in which nothing is ever secure, nothing is ever safe! The vid's choice of music and images literalized Michael's sense that Nikita has spun out and away from him, that he never knew her at all. I can't wait to get a copy of this vid. [1]


  1. ~ Shoshanna comments from a post to the Vidding mailing list, dated March 2001.