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Pairing: Willow Rosenberg/Faith
Alternative name(s): Waith
Gender category: femslash
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Willow/Faith is a femslash pairing in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom between Willow Rosenberg and Faith.


Fannish Opinion

I think the Willow grieving-and-moving-on story arc had to happen, but why Kennedy? I think Faith discovering that it's ok to have sex with someone more than once had to happen, but why Wood? Both minor characters are blatantly used as a means of making the main character progress, rather than showing an interaction between equally important characters. Plus, Willow & Faith have so much more in common, despite having never agreed on much. They fought with Buffy, then through jealousy or grief lost control of their power, and fought against her. They both crave her forgiveness and trust but, more importantly, they want to be able to trust themselves. Neither of them are evil, but they are rather unstable, and now, they know it. They do have a few unresolved issues stemming from S3, but so much has changed for both of them that dealing with their own issues is more important, and the people who help them to do so will be forever loved and protected. As far as I’m concerned, S7 sets up the perfect circumstances for the two of them to interact. They are both dealing with very similar problems, and living together in a house of people who aren’t. The fact that canon shows very little of that interaction is irritating, but not necessarily an obstacle to fanfiction.[1]

Most times I picture Faith and Willow together it would have to be post s6 after Tara has died and Willow has gone dark and come back. I think that's when the two would work best, because they have something in common. In s7 Willow is alone (im ignoring Kennedy lol) and in pain, losing Tara destroyed her and nearly the world. She went to a very dark place like Faith did after killing the Mayors assistant. Faith and Willow share something that few can relate to. [...] But it would also be good for Willow because Faith is still Faith and I think Willow needs someone (in this way) completely opposite to Tara. Faith isnt shy she wouldn't let Willow walk all over her. Willow definitely doesnt need someone to replace Tara, but to be a new experience. [2]


Popular tropes

  • Mutual Redemption fic. The most canon of these are set during or after season 7, however there are some set earlier.
  • Dark!fic. Sometimes set in the Wishverse. Sometimes set in a world where the Mayor won, and Faith is his evil princess who is allowed slaves. Or, one of them tortures the other. Or, they both become evil together. Or Vamp!Willow magically appears.
  • After Buffy dies, Willow tells Faith, and helps her deal with being the main slayer.
  • Fics set post-Orpheus, when Willow and Faith are driving back to Sunnydale after restoring Angel's soul.
  • Fics set post-Chosen, the series finale, often see Willow and Faith growing closer as they work together.

Notable Fanworks


  • Conversations With Murderers by Loki, It's a long drive to Sunnydale. Willow and Faith need to do some catching up, especially since Willow has a serious confession to make. (2003)
  • Take a Number by Ms. Selly, Faith is sick of people claiming to 'understand' her. But when an old friend is in need of some understanding herself, Faith's outlook could be in for a change. Waith (2004)
  • Something to Talk About by leonhart_17, Post season 7 - Willow has something she needs to tell Buffy and Xander about who she's been sleeping with... Moments from Willow and Faith's relationship. (2014)
  • A Birthday in the Life by Dan Joslyn, Not having told anybody it's her birthday, Faith spends a day with Willow looking for a new home for the Watchers Council. (2006)
  • Two Wrongs by leavethesky, Faith was just getting into the flow of the whole Brooklyn slayer thing when the call came. (2010)
  • Strange Surroundings by Kaz814, Willow visits Faith in jail to let her know about Buffy's death. (
  • The Hard Way by Angel Jade, Faith is unwittingly let out of jail by the council and Willow helps her get through her problems. (2003)
  • Magic and Consequences by Atara, Faith introduces Willow to some consequences of using magick. (2003)




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