Wilder Justice

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Title: Wilder Justice
Author(s): MerLyn
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals/Escape from New York
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Wilder Justice is a Bodie/Doyle Professionals/Escape from New York story by MerLyn.

It was published in Merlyn's Tales #2.


Reactions and Reviews

Wilder Justice skips ahead a whole story or two - but I don't think there are others that come in between! Ack! All of a sudden we are told that the lads found Cowley, and were put into cryogenesis for 200 years to see if the world improved... Which it did and it didn't, because it was taken over by a woman called Sleer, who ran something called The Federation, and in conspiracy with Van Hauk and Snake Plissen, the lads join up with the Rebellion - led by a man called Roj Blake... *g* Of course they overcome the baddies, and then discover that Plissen is a vampire like them - and in allowing him to feed from them when there is no one else, the three form a bond, travelling together to find the vampire who made Plissen...

And I'm quite glad it ended there, because suddenly it's a threesome, and I don't want anyone else with Bodie and Doyle! So there

But... in general it was an interesting premise for any other apocalpse-fic lovers, and a reasonably harmless read. Enjoyable enough in some odd way that I forgave various things in order to get to the end, which I don't always... I suspect part of that was because Merlyn had the lads very much together, and needing to be together - if she'd brought Plissen into play any earlier I probably would have switched right off. As it is... yeah, if you come across these wee stapled zines anywhere, then they're probably worth picking up... *g* [1]


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