Blazing Shadows

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Title: Blazing Shadows
Author(s): MerLyn
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals/Escape from New York
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Blazing Shadows is a Bodie/Doyle Professionals/Escape from New York story by MerLyn.

It was published in Merlyn's Tales #1.


Reactions and Reviews

Blazing Shadows carries on where Kindred Spirits left off - ready for another attempt at blocking out the worst spoiler-y bits? Highlight here: [this spoiler is highlighted at original site, see below if you want to know.] [1] The lads travel across country, find out what has happened and working out how they will survive. Eventually they realise that living for themselves isn't enough - they need to try and do more. They need to find Cowley - if he survived - and so they need to return to New York... But... in general it was an interesting premise for any other apocalpse-fic lovers, and a reasonably harmless read. Enjoyable enough in some odd way that I forgave various things in order to get to the end, which I don't always... I suspect part of that was because Merlyn had the lads very much together, and needing to be together - if she'd brought Plissen into play any earlier I probably would have switched right off. As it is... yeah, if you come across these wee stapled zines anywhere, then they're probably worth picking up... *g* [2]
Hmm, I've been holding off reading Merlyn's Tales 1 because I don't have the second volume and I knew they were a set. Makes me wonder if it's worth continuing the search. While I like AUs and apocalypse stories, I'm not big on separation fic (especially one so long!) and I loathe threeways. *g* [3]
Oh, you don't actually see the separation time - the story starts as they're about to be reunited, and the possibility of the three-way (I also loathe, when it comes to B/D) is literally in the last few sentences (blargh!). I'm wondering now if there are other stories that fit in between the first and second zine though, maybe written under Cat Shannon, or another pseud, cos there's such a huge jump between the second and third stories...[4]


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