Kindred Spirits (Professionals story)

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Title: Kindred Spirits
Author(s): MerLyn
Date(s): 1991, 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Professionals/Escape from New York
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Kindred Spirits is a Bodie/Doyle Professionals/Escape from New York story by MerLyn.

It was published in Beguiled (1991) and Merlyn's Tales #1 (1994).



From a flyer for Beguiled: "In a dreary future world, Doyle is a CI5 agent gone rogue. Brought back to CI5 in chains, he is a sullen, uncooperative prisoner. Given a choice of a suicide assignment to rescue trapped SI5 Murphy or death, Doyle chooses to free a man he once considered a friend. Caught and near-death on the assignment itself, Doyle confronts a reality which changes him -- and his life-- forever."

Reactions and Reviews

In Kindred Spirits, a futuristic AU (which according to the blurb "strays into Escape from New York City territory) we find ourselves confronted with a hard man, a man imprisoned for crimes against his country, for working as a mercenary - and this man is Ray Doyle. He left CI5 years ago when Bodie was killed, but now Cowley wants him back, because Doyle is the only man who can enter New York City - now a gigantic prison - and rescue both Murphy and a nuclear decoder that he was carrying when his plane crashed and he became trapped. Doyle is promised his freedom in return, and although he doesn't care one way or the other - has cared about nothing for a long time - he agrees to take on the job. And of course it turns out that Bodie is both alive, in New York City, and... (let's try out that non-spoiler thing - highlight the following blank area to see what else Bodie is!) ...a vampire. And when Doyle is fatally injured in the rescue attempt, there is no other way for Bodie to save him, than... Can you guess? *g* ... This is one of those stories where I was intrigued enough by the premise to carry on reading - and because apocalypse stories are totally one of my bullet-proof kinks - despite the fact that this author cannot write in complete sentences! Gargh! It feels like every second sentence is a fragment, although it's not quite that bad - but there are far too many of them. Pros is also just plonked in America, which threw me a bit, cos I'd've liked to know why, rather than made to feel that the rest of the world just doesn't exist, and everything is just naturally a part of the USA. And yet... I still wanted to keep on reading. *g* The lads separated for years, the tragedy of it - and surely the inevitability of their reunion to look forward to... *sighs happily* [1]
Oh, I read Kindred Spirits in the zine "Beguiled" (someone recently asked about this story on Prosfinder), and had no idea there were any sequels. I can't say I liked Kindred Spirits all that much (not going into detail for spoiler reasons), and reading where it ultimately leads, I'm not too unhappy that I haven't had a chance to read the sequels. [2]
Oh, is that the same one though? Didn't Cat Shannon write the Beguiled story? Unless she's the same person... Does it follow the futuristic, apocalyptic, New York-as-prison plot that I mentioned up above, or...? [3]
It's been a while since I've read it, but yes, definitely New York as prison, and the whole story line you described sounds exactly the same. [4]
Hmm, I've been holding off reading Merlyn's Tales 1 because I don't have the second volume and I knew they were a set. Makes me wonder if it's worth continuing the search. While I like AUs and apocalypse stories, I'm not big on separation fic (especially one so long!) and I loathe threeways. *g* [5]
Oh, you don't actually see the separation time - the story starts as they're about to be reunited, and the possibility of the three-way (I also loathe, when it comes to B/D) is literally in the last few sentences (blargh!). I'm wondering now if there are other stories that fit in between the first and second zine though, maybe written under Cat Shannon, or another pseud, cos there's such a huge jump between the second and third stories... [6]


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