Where the Grass Grows Green

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Title: Where the Grass Grows Green
Author(s): Ragnelle
Date(s): 2010-present
Length: c.228,000 words
Genre: Gen, Action/Adventure, Canon Divergence AU, Dystopian AU
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
External Links: FFN Book I, FFN book II, ao3
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Where the Grass Grows Green is a Lord of the Rings AU by Ragnelle. The first two books of a planned six book series are currently available. It diverges from canon when Sam kills Gollum on the slopes of Mt. Doom. Sauron regains the Ring and subjugates most of Middle-earth, but a few still resist him. Book I, We May Yet Stand, is set ten years after the defeat and follows Éomer, who has taken refuge deep in Fangorn Forest. Book II, On Bended Knee, which is in progress, returns to the beginning of Sauron's victory and recounts Aragorn's time as a captive of Mordor. The story is notable for its fidelity to Tolkien, suspenseful plotting, and well-developed OCs.

In 2011, the fic received a Middle-earth Fanfiction Award in the category Incomplete: general (3rd place).


I just had to read the chapter when Aragorn appeared... I'm a terrible reader, I know - I said I'll wait for the end of the tale, and read it at once, but I couldn't resist, and now I have my punishment for it, because I NEED the next chapter, and I need it now... The waiting for it will just be unbearable, I'm afraid...
This is utterly compelling, though Aragorn's plight gives me the shudders.
Linda Hoyland
You also did one of your characteristic asides regarding the young fellow in the alley, when he says they should have said yes: “If they had, many things would have been different, but whether it was good or bad it is hard to know. What did happen is all we know, and the ways of fate and luck are hard to tell.” Arrgh...another little twist in fate, and we don’t even know what the significance is yet.
The Lauderdale