Werewolf of Hogwarts

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Title: Werewolf of Hogwarts
Creator: JK Ashavah
Date(s): December 20, 2001
Medium: online
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Werewolf of Hogwarts is an essay posted to "S.P.I.W." by JK Ashavah in December 2001.

"S.P.I.W. (The Society for the Promotion of Issue Welfare: Under-represented issues in Harry Potter Fanfiction)" was the name of the author's regular column at Fanfiction.net. [1]

Some Topics

  • characterisation techniques


Remus Lupin is, without doubt, one of the most adored characters in the Harry Potter series. All you need to do to determine that is to take one look at the large number of stories devoted to him, and the fan sites he has accumulated. That is simple enough. But what is Mr Lupin's attraction? What fascinates so many authors that they feel compelled to write about him? Perhaps it is his kindness and the care he showed Harry in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Or maybe it's the fact that he was the first good Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in the series. Or the fact that he provides Harry with a valuable glimpse into his past. Or maybe it's that the man is a walking paradox.

Whatever it is, Remus Lupin is a character who appears in countless stories. So it is important that we as fanfiction authors take time out to try and understand him. One thing that many Remus fans list as one of the reasons they adore his character is the contradiction that he lives with. Most days out of the month, he is a kind, mild-mannered, considerate, yet poor and shabby human being. But when the full moon strikes, he becomes a monster, wild, ravaging and hungry, which as far as we know, doesn't care what it hurts or eats. Until the discovery of the Wolfsbane Potion, Remus had no control over himself for this time.

So, when trying to understand Remus, there are two sides to him which need to be considered - The Man and the Wolf.
Think about both the man and the wolf. Consider his past carefully. Give him a background, and think about how his family reacted to his curse. This will have an impact on his self-esteem and self-image. What was his personality like, and how did his curse affect it? What did he do after he left school? Could he find a job at all, or was he shunned? Did he fight Voldemort with Dumbledore? How did the curse affect his social life? Look carefully at what we know about Remus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Look at the contradictions between the person he is and the monster he becomes. Look at his past. Look at how he treats Harry and the other students, and how he reacts to Snape. It speaks volumes. Think carefully about your theories regarding his condition. Is he susceptible to the normal things that harm werewolves? Is he stronger in his human form than other people? Are his sense strengthened? Play with it. Be creative or be orthodox, but think carefully. Get inside his mind. Have fun!


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