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Synonyms: Weechester, Wee!Chester Wee!Sam, Wee!Dean
See also: Kidfic, Pre-Series, Underage
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"Sammy Weechester" by SilentImagery, click here for full size

Weechester is a type of fan fiction written specifically in Supernatural fandom. It is fiction that focuses on the two main characters, Sam and Dean, as children. The term is a play on the words: "Wee" and the family name "Winchester". Weechester fic that features underage incest is called wee!cest. A large portion of Weechester fan fiction contains schmoop.

Example Works

  • In June 2010, the Winchester Bros. website hosted the The Supernatural Crossroads Weechester Fan Fiction Contest: ""Weechester" fan fiction, aka stories about the Winchester brothers when they were younger, is very popular in this fandom. Thanks to a suggestion on The Winchester Family Business Facebook page, we got an idea. Remember the scene in "Dark Side of The Moon" when Sam's happy memory was when he ran away and lived on his own in Flagstaff? How Dean was worried sick because Sam ran away on his watch and he thought he was dead? How upset John was with Dean? Write that story."[1]
  • In June 2009, scullspeare, a member of the SFTCOL(AR)S Forum (Society for the Continuation of Limp (and Redeemed) Sam Forum) offered the following recommendation: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" by Dodger Winslow. It's a slice of Weechester life between the three Winchester men; Dean's 14, Sam's 10. And it's one of the most realistically adorable wee Sam's I've ever read."[2]
  • In June 2007, supernaturalgrl left the following feedback on the Weechester story "For Halloween Dreams In A Motor-Inn World" by halfshellvenus:"Maaaaaaaaan, you made me tear up! This was a really cute and sweet story! I love Weechester stories" The author's response: " Thank you very much! I never thought I'd enjoy pre-series stories the way the Weechester ones get me. There's something so appealing about the various stages of them in their skewed lives. Back when they had innocence still, or just the way their "normal" is so totally unlike everyone else's." [3]

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