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Name: Washington Media Fest
Dates: July 29-31, 1983
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Focus: Current and past SF media (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.)
Founding Date:
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Washington Media Fest took place July 29-31, 1983 in Arlington, Virginia.

In 2018, a fan commented: "Washington Media Fest was a one-off convention, whose unfortunate temporal and geographical proximity to better-established conventions like Shore Leave and August Party led to very low attendance. I was in the Dealers Room, and although I did well, the other Dealers took to good-naturedly calling it "ComaCon". We did all manage to have a good time, though." [1]


  • chair: Gail Pittaway
  • co-chair: Sheila Willis, Laura Peck
  • hotel liaison: Malcom Burnside
  • registration: Robyn Kevelson Burnside
  • dealers: Ted Pauls
  • costume call: T.J. Burnside
  • programming: Linda Deneroff
  • PR: Rich Kolker
  • video: Bill Rich
  • secretary: Diane Thompkins
  • con suite: Susan Dobson

Guests of Honor

The guests of honor were Ann Crispin and Howard Weinstein.

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