Wasabi Sushi

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Name: Wasabi Sushi
Owner/Maintainer: Katze, Dimmie
Dates: 2004-2005 (Katze), 2005-2007 (Dimmie)
Type: Ship Fanlisting
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
URL: http://fan.dream-pair.net/takafuji/ (Archived); http://shinjitsu.third-shade.net/takafuji (Archived); http://last-song.net/takafuji/ (Archived)
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Wasabi Sushi was a fanlisting for the Prince of Tennis ship between Kawamura Takashi and Fuji Syuusuke, also known as TakaFuji. The fanlisting changed domains several times before finally going dormant in 2007.