War Tutorial

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Title: War Tutorial
Creator: Susan Garrett
Date(s): spring 1998
Medium: multi-part essay with examples
Fandom: Forever Knight
Topic: how to play in a Forever Knight War
External Links: "War Tutorial" on the War 9 website; Wayback
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Susan Garrett's multi-part War Tutorial is considered essential reading for anyone contemplating taking part in a Forever Knight War. It takes the uninitiated through the process by which stories that involve multiple factions (such as attacks and counter-attacks) are proposed, discussed, written, and posted.

This is done by creating an imaginary scenario in which one faction proposes an attack on a second faction with the assistance of a member of a third faction, and continues with the reaction and follow-up. The scenario also includes the process of hiring a member of the Mercenary Guild to write a portion of the story. Each step in the scenario is discussed and analysed; there are examples of e-mails between the people involved; and the resultant war posts are included.


The following independently posted sections take the reader through various scenarios. As the sheer number indicates, at the height of the FK Wars, attacks were a form of complicated formalized ritual chaos.

  • Orientation
  • Setup
  • Planning - The Idea
  • Planning - Contact the Target
  • Planning - Hire a Merc
  • Planning - Make a Plan
  • Planning - Review the Post
  • Diversion Post
  • Attack Post
  • Planning - Reaction Post
  • Reaction Post
  • Reaction Post
  • Planning - Contacting the Victim
  • Recap


Susan Garrett's "War Tutorial" was originally posted to FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU and then included in the material on the War Nine website[1]. It has since been linked to from several later war sites.