War Fifteen

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Event: War Fifteen
Participants: Twenty Years On
Date(s): 25 January - 9 February 2014
Type: war
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: War Fifteen website
Screen capture of the index page of the War Fifteen website
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"Twenty Years On" was the fifteenth of the Forever Knight Wars. (In Forever Knight fandom, a "war" is a large round-robin style form of self-insertion RPG played on the FKFIC-L mailing list.)

War Fifteen officially ran from 25 January to 9 February 2014. However, participants who needed additional time were encouraged to continue as long as necessary to finish their story arcs.

War Premise/Leader

There was no official war premise, and therefore no official War Leader. Nevertheless, a website was created by Greer Watson, which provided resources for participants as well as archiving the warposts.

It was generally agreed in advance that the traditional climactic party would be a combined celebration of the twentieth anniversary of War One and a memorial for the late Greg Kramer (the actor who had played the character Screed), to be held at Casa Loma.

Beyond this, factions and independents were encouraged to develop their own ideas, with the result that there were three major plots that ran through the war:

  • Vaqueras: the abandoned church where Vachon squats is threatened by a demolition order, and the Evil Pink Bathroom takes it into another dimension. Its mysterious disappearance makes the news, and has ramifications that involve not only the Vaqueras but other factions as well.
  • Die-Hards: An other-dimensional game of scrabble between The Powers That Be and The Powers That B'Aint (No More) results in fans of various affiliations suddenly believing themselves to be members of factions other than the ones they are officially playing with. In general, these are either inactive factions of yore or recently invented ones.
  • Independents: Bonnie Rutledge and Bonnie Pardoe—and sundry other fans as the war progresses—are zapped by mysterious blue sparks that send them into flashbacks from various episodes of the Forever Knight series.

Factions Involved

The factions playing in War Fifteen were: the Cousins, Knighties, DP/Perks, Mercenaries, Die-Hards, Nick & NatPack, RatPack, Ravenettes, and Vaqueras.

  • Cousins:
    • Leaders: Cousin Tok, Cousin Shelley
    • Players: Cousin Becky (Rebecca Hinson), Cousin Becky (Becky Young), Lisa McDavid (McLisa), Rhonda MacKenzie, Cousin Stan
  • Die-Hards:
    • Leader: Don Fasig
    • Players: Greer Watson, Ron the Enforcer (Ronni Katz)
  • Knighties:
    • Leader: Nancy Taylor (NAT)
    • Members: Katrinka, Lisa Knust, Mindy Dowdy, Tara Williams (Gemsong), Vickie Farr, Maria Corral (Mari)
  • Mercenaries:
    • Leaders: Laura Davies a/k/a Shadowstar
    • Members: Bast, Kathleen Wilson, Liz the Lucky, Bec
  • Nick and NatPackers:
    • Leader: Soulseeker, Susan Bennett (deputy)
    • Members: Mary Combs, Karen Gunther (Nitenurse), Michelle Loo, Kelly Parks
  • RatPack:
    • Member: Libratsie
  • Ravenettes
    • Members: Alex Braun, Barbara Braun
  • Vaqueros:
    • Leaders: Tabitha Carlson, Teri DeLong
    • Members: Marilyn Teplitz (the VaqShaman), Melissa McFarlin, Naia Zifu, Wendy Bonewald, Doña Angel
  • DP/Perks:
    • Members: Anne Jensen
  • Independent:
    • Bonnie Pardoe, Bonnie Rutledge, MsLibrarianXYZX, Chanda Keith, Allison Lahikainen

It should be noted that the current owner of the actual prop car used in filming the series gave official permission for Nick Knight's car (a/k/a "the Caddy") to play as an Independent.


In all, 43 people signed up to play in War Fifteen. Collectively, there were 177 story posts.

Having said that, not all participants were equally active. It is true that posts were authored or co-authored by 22 different faction members. However, 11 people only authored (or co-authored) one or two posts, i.e. their own coming-to-Toronto and going-home posts. On the other hand, there were 8 people who wrote or co-wrote ten or more posts. Five of these were principal scribes for factions: the Knighties (Nancy A. Taylor a/k/a Knightie Nat), NNPack (Susan B.), Mercenary Guild (Shadowstar), Ravenettes (Alex Braun), and Die-Hards (Greer Watson), while a similar number of posts were made collectively by the Vaqueras, who had two main scribes (Teri DeLong, aided by Naia Zifu). Notably, however, two of the most prolific writers were independents: Bonnie Pardoe and Bonnie Rutledge, who wrote mostly as a team. Another independent, Allison Lahikainen, wrote an eight-post story arc.

Calendar of War Events

This calendar lists major events officially scheduled during the War.

  • January 25 - FK fans begin arriving in Toronto.
  • February 8 - a party is thrown honouring the twentieth anniversary of War One, with a tribute to the late Greg Kramer


No specific rules were posted for War 15. General guidelines were posted pertaining to civility, permission slips, posting, and the like. These were modelled on rules from earlier wars.

Partway through the war, however, the list owners modified one of the rules to accord with the usual FKFIC-L rule for crossovers. Unlike in previous wars, therefore, it was permitted to write crossover posts involving other television series (but not print media such as books and comics).

Management of Characters

There were no rules regarding the management of characters: factions were free to write them as they chose.