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Pairing: Vax'ildan/Keyleth
Alternative name(s): Vaxleth
Gender category: het
Fandom: Critical Role
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: first PC ship, major ship in campaign 1
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Vaxleth is a major het pairing in the Critical Role Campaign 1 consisting of two PCs: Vax'ildan (played by Liam O'Brien) and Keyleth (played by Marisha Ray). While there were romantic moments in the campaign prior to these two characters getting together (most prominently Vax'ildan flirting with Gilmore and Kashaw kissing Keyleth at the end of the Slayer's Take arc), Vaxleth was the first ship to actually become canon on stream.

Initially, the players weren't able to keep a straight face during scenes between Vax and Keyleth as they explored the romantic side of their relationships and to try and not interrupt their friends, they often covered their faces to hide the smiles and giggling.


The relationship between Vax and Keyleth started early in campaign 1, with a first inkling that something might be between the two during the Slayer's Take. Not all fans liked that development, as a lot of people at the time of the initial broadcast were shipping Vax/Gilmore. accusations of "no chemistry" and the relationship being forced were thrown around. Though Vaxleth shippers defended their pairing by pointing to all the moments they shared. Some calling the pairing "quieter", especially when compared to Vex/Percy[1].

There was some controversy stemming from the fact that Vax, a canonically bisexual character ended up in a relationship with a parter of opposite sex, instead of Shaun Gilmore. For more details see LGBT Issues in Critical Role.

Because of Gilmore's popularity, Vaxleth sometimes takes a polyamorous turn into Vax/Keyleth/Gilmore.










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