Shaun Gilmore

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Name: Shaun Gilmore
Occupation: owner of Gilmore's Glorious Goods
Relationships: sponsor of Vox Machina
Fandom: Critical Role
Other: NPC portrayed by Matt Mercer
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Shaun Gilmore (also referred to by fans by his last name only) is one of the most popular NPCs in Campaign 1 of Critical Role. He's a wizard merchant, owner of Gilmore's Glorious Goods shop in Emon. He was born in Marquet, before moving to Tal'Dorei to open up his shop.


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Matt Mercer initially described Gilmore as "paunchy", later on repeating that Gilmore was not a super fit wizard and was, in fact, heavier around the waist. That didn't stop a lot of fans from portraying Gilmore as fit, thin or muscular. That fandom portrayal annoyed, even angered, some fans[1].

While Gilmore's most popular ship remains Vax/Gilmore, his minor pairings include Gilmore/Jarett, Gilmore/Percy and Gilmore/Tary. Gilmore's most popular poly ship is Gilmore/Vax/Keyleth.



  • My Friend Gilmore by blue_pointer - While Vox Machina fools around in Vasselheim, Sherri is determined to rescue the refugees from Westruun. And when Pike, Cassandra and Sherri join forces, it seems Gilmore can do nothing to stop them.
  • When a Great Wheel Runs down a Hill by blue_pointer - After Vox Machina returns from the ruins of Emon, Gilmore gets some rest while Vax, Sherri, and Pike fuss over him. Gilmore meets Jarett and solicits his aid with something personal. Vax returns from the incident with the Clasp and does some colossally bad decision-making.
  • Gilmore's Glorious Unicorn by criticalmonster - Gilmore visits a fair and receives a gift
  • Empires at Peace by CurrieBelle - Post Episode 38 - Gilmore reflecting on Vax's decision.
  • A Tavern Talk by resonant_aura - In which Gilmore is sad and lonely, Keyleth is bold and on a contact high from cider, Vax'ildan is asleep and unhelpful, and everyone is a hero. In other words, one way the three of them worked out how to be together.
  • when the night gets dark by trinketchu - He didn’t have the energy to keep people safe and still be Glorious Gilmore, so all that was left was Shaun, tired and struggling and just a little bit broken like the rest of them. Gilmore finally lets himself be taken care of.
  • Watch Over Him by anemptymargin - Jarett promised to watch over him, but didn’t expect to watch quite so closely.
  • Be Pleased by inkcharm and MissjuliaMiriam - It would take a fool not to notice that on top of the weight of the world, or Whitestone at the very least, Gilmore carries the weight of a broken heart, courtesy of one Vax’ildan of Vox Machina. Ah, is life not wonderfully messy sometimes.
  • Simple Creed by Lauren (notalwaysweak) - Helping Pike out in the hospital is more gory than glorious. But Gilmore discovers it's not without its own rewards.
  • New beginnings by thevaliantdust - Gilmore and Sherri begin rebuilding their business in Whitestone, please!
  • sugar, we're goin' down by Lauren (notalwaysweak) - "I've never dueled a dragon before." How it all went down: the duel, and Emon's walls too.








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