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Name/s: JAGNikJen, Jen
Fandom/s: JAG, Robin Hood (BBC 2006), Harry Potter, Glee, Star Trek , China Beach, Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, Sports Night, The Guardian
You can find me at: Jen's Live Journal Page

The JAG Archive

The non-fan girl me blog
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm Jen and I love being a fan girl and being involved in fandoms. I've made some wonderful online and in-person friends over the years and my fandom life/activities have been havens during tough real life times.

I've only been actively involved in two of my fandoms, but have written fic for most of the above list and I've probably read fic for all of those and more.

I miss being involved in a fandom and was quite pleased to discover Fanlore and was over the moon that I could edit and add information. Just what I needed.

Fannish History

I first discovered fan fic over a dozen years ago when I was too poor to support my reading habit and I'd gone through everything in my local library. My husband suggested I go in search of fan fiction. Since the whole family was watching ST:VOY at the time, that was the first thing I looked for and read.

I don't even remember how I connected with JAG, but I did in a big way. I got involved not only in reading fic, but then writing it, too. And from there I became a fan site owner--The JAG Archive--was born. Unlike most JAG fan sites, it's still available for those die hard as well as new fans.

After that I took over a fan site for The Guardian for several years, but let that one go as time passed.

I spent some time in the Sports Night fandom making screen caps.

My next big plunge into fandom activities was in the Robin Hood (BBC 2006) fandom. I joined communities, I wrote fic and participated in fests, I even took over the running of a land comm for a couple of rounds. I loved it. But then the show ended and though our core group hung around for a while, eventually they began moving onto other fandom loves. Including me--

I discovered Harry Potter!!! A day late and a dollar short to be sure, but I love the books and the movies and I love both reading and writing fic and I've participated in a few fic fests as well.

Current Favorites

Currently, I'm still loving HP and am working on a couple of long-ish fics I hope to finish and post someday.

And in spring of each year, I get together with a group of JAG fans, most of whom are at least in my state, though we have a handful of gals who actually fly in. We're no longer JAG crazed--we've become friends, but it's what drew us together in the first place and it's awesome.

On Fanlore

I'm here to add whatever I can to my favorite fandoms. (see above list) First I need to figure out the coding and how to add certain types of pages, but I will! Hope to connect with people who love fandoms and fanfic and being a fan as much as I do.