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Name/s: Reili von Wildcat
Fandom/s: the ao3 a/b/o tag is my only love
You can find me at: twitter
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

My hobbies are knowing way too much about fandom drama, particularly if it happened on YouTube, and reading through the ABO tag on AO3. I keep track of trends in that tag on twitter and sometimes play Shit A/B/O Bingo when I'm bored or I've decided to read a particularly terrible fic.

If it exists, I was probably in the fandom for it at some point (or I had friends who were) because I'm fandom AB+ and I've written in over a hundred fandoms in the past 15 years. That is to say that nobody ever comes into a fandom because of me but I sure will get into fandoms because someone posted (1) picture of a hot guy. Sometimes that's just how it be. Also I have a degree in comics, which is exactly as useless as a degree in English and it's got the added bonus of people asking me how you get a degree in comics. Apparently the answer is by writing your thesis on Fifty Shades of Grey and having strong opinions about the failures of E.L. James to translate the trappings of the 19th Century Romance into the 21st century.

日本語もOK, if you happen to need that particular skill.

Pokemon Gym Badge Collection

I mean that's definitely what these are, right? It's like Pokemon Go, but instead of running around and pretending like I enjoy being outside to catch pokemon I'm running around the wiki making stubs.