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Name/s: Delenn, Goddess Delenn, Goddess Del, Del
Fandom/s: Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules, the Legendary Journeys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, Dark Angel
You can find me at: My current work can be found at my profile on AO3. My older works can be found at my profile on Fanfiction.Net.
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Goddess Delenn was my original online alias.

This fandom alias began life in 1999, when I joined the official USA Xena and Hercules forum boards (colloquially referred to in the Xena/Ares Shipper community as the "NUTforum") to discuss all things Xena: Warrior Princess.

Delenn was part of my username and subsequently evolved into my alias, as usernames tend to do, though I fought it for some time. Delenn is a character in Babylon 5, and my username was a direct homage to her, as well as a reference to my X:WP and subsequent Greek mythology interest.

On the X:WP boards, I quickly discovered that I was one of a small minority of individuals who supported a Xena & Ares pairing (known as Shippers in the fandom), as opposed to the majority of individuals who vocally supported a Xena/Gabrielle pairing (known as Subbers in the fandom for the perceived obvious Subtext of their pairing). In the late 90s/early 00s, pairings that were heterosexual (m & f) were demarcated with an "&", while pairings that were homosexual (m/m, f/f) were demarcated with a "/" (hence the term "slash", which eventually came to mean m/m, and "femslash" for f/f).

It was on this board where I first met Illyandria, who was also a Shipper. We messaged privately on the board for a while, and eventually left the NUTforum with several other Shippers to our own board, where we felt more comfortable discussing our pairing without the backlash from other pairings. Shipper boards went through several iterations. The current Shipper boards remain somewhat active on Yuku: Shipper Talk and Shipper Heaven.

It was around this time (late 1999, early 2000) that I began to write X:WP Ares/Xena fanfiction, and shortly thereafter began my fanfiction archive, Born For War, at the urging of Something Royal. Born For War opened in May 2000 and was online until November 2015. It is currently being imported through the Open Doors Project to Archive of Our Own.

I wrote prolifically in the X:WP fandom through the early 2000s, where I authored over 50 fics. During this time, I also branched out to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and Dark Angel fanfiction. I essentially stopped writing after 2006 due to Real Life commitments, aside from an occasional Ares/Xena drabble.

While I lurked in several fandoms, including Harry Potter and read fic prolifically in the mid-late 2000s, I did not start writing again until I discovered Sherlock in 2012, where I write for another rare-pair, Sherlock/Irene. I subsequently joined the Doctor Who fandom, where I lurked until 2013, when I began writing River/Doctor fic, which has since become my main pairing, though I do still write BBC Sherlock Sherlock/Irene fic as well.

I have spent the last few years going back and finishing any incomplete work from my old fandoms. All proper WIPs from my old fandoms are currently complete, with the last to be finished for Spike/Buffy in 2016. A handful of my Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock fics remain WIPs, though I am still actively working on them.

Overall, I have written and posted 150+ fics from 2000-2017, and am still writing.

My username has shortened throughout nearly 20 years online from Delenn to Del, as an attempt to separate from the direct Babylon 5 character reference.