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Name/s: casspeach
Fandom/s: Blue Heelers , Horatio Hornblower, X-Men, Stargate:Atlantis, Supernatural, CWRPS, Merlin (BBC), Harry Potter, Star Trek (2009), Hawaii Five-0
You can find me at: Dreamwidth


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I am a fanfic writer and reader.

I especially love writing AUs and trying to breathe new life into fanfic cliches and tropes.

And I loooove the rare pairs and minor characters. The sidekicks and barely there-s that can be fleshed out within the sandbox of canon (or the AU).

Fannish History

I first started writing for a Blue Heelers Yahoogroup mailing list. I'd always made up stories about characters from TV shows and films but never written them down and never imagined a) that everyone else in the world didn't do the same, or b) for that reason anyone would be interested in mine.

Returning to the UK from a year in Australia made getting hold of Blue Heelers canon a lot more difficult, and anyway I was unhappy with some of the choices TPTB had made about my favourite character (plus Ça change...)

Hornblower was my next fandom, confined again to a single YahooGroup list called hhafterhours. My fic for that list consisted mainly of purple-prosed het of minor characters and improbable OCs, but I also wrote a pastiche of A Christmas Carol of which I remain unreasonably proud.

I then watched the first X-Men movie and fell in love with the universe, but decided the characters on the screen were too mainstream and instead spent a fortune getting Generation X comics shiped over from the US so I could write Chamber and Warren Worthington III (another character TPTB got wrong *sigh). I also played both characters in my first and only RPG online.

My big breakthrough fandom, like so many people's was SGA. In which I wrote some McKay/Sheppard, and a lot of Lorne/Parrish. The closest I have ever come to BNFdom was giving Parrish his first name which stuck for most of fandom. This fandom was also where I met my beta (and nearly lost her through insisting POV swapping mid-paragraph was totally not a big deal!) and started using my LJ

Since sga I have flittered about really, and become less fandom-monogamous than I thought I was. Although apart from for challenges like the Porn Battle, I prefer to stay in one fandom writing at a time. Fandom-monogamish, to borrow from Dan Savage.

I attended several Hornblower cons, at least 2 of them HHUS and at least one HHUK, two of the creation stargate cons in Vancouver, and I've been to three connotations and one con.txt. I like fannish fancons better than meet the stars cons, although getting to have my photo taken with Jamie Bamber before he was in Battlestar Galactica was totally awesome.

Current Favorites

Currently my love of all things X-Men has been rekindled by X-Men: First Class, and I am desperately trying to make myself write more Neville/Draco Harry Potter fic purely because there should be more in the world and it doesn't seem as if anyone else is going to write it for me.

I am hoping to make it to con.txt again next year.


I have been promising myself I would write this page since June 2010.