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Name/s: the old briar pipe
Fandom/s: Clover, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushii, Onmyouji, Princess Tutu, general CLAMP, general Yuri, general boys' love, ACD/Granada and obscure Sherlock Holmes series, Master & Commander (and general Napoleonic era series), Stargate Atlantis, Merlin (BBC), cult lesbian movies, The Avengers (Marvel), indie Visual Novels, far too many Chinese webnovels, anything with women in a team, old-school SciFi
You can find me at:
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Currently working on various anime & manga related pages. Interested in multi-shipper perspectives, minor characters, and rare fandoms.

(Page copied from my OpenID account, under which many of my edits were made.)

Testing, testing... /a/

The following is a mockup of a quick-and-dirty tutorial, potentially to be used on an upcoming Anime & Manga Fandom project page. If you have suggestions, please leave them on the talk page here or drop them by the Dreamwidth post, where the first round of discussion is taking place.

Anime Music Video

To create a page for a specific AMV:

  • First, read the identity protection policy if you haven't already. Don't use editors' full, real names. Use pseuds or first name and last initial.
  • Title:
    • Use the AMV's name as the page title, unless that is likely to cause confusion.
    • If confusion is likely, use "Title (amv)" or "Title (editor amv)" (if there are multiple AMVs with that title, which there often are).
  • Template: Use Template:AnimeMusicVideo.
  • Writing:
    • The intro usually mentions title, editor(s)/studio, series, music, and date posted/debuted. It might also include programs used or other technical specs. If there is something unique about the AMV, that could also be mentioned in the intro.
    • Common sections might include how the AMV was created (tech specs, effects, challenges involved, etc), reception (at cons, in comments, video responses, ratings, hits, etc.), or context (impact on a fandom, commentary the AMV makes, purpose, similar AMVs, etc.). Any section that makes sense for that particular AMV is good.
    • Remember to add ==References== and <references/> to the bottom of the page.
  • Images:
  • Categories:
    • If the AMV is single-fandom or uses a very small number of fandoms, add [[Category:FANDOMNAME]] at the bottom, replacing FANDOMNAME with the canon(s) the AMV is based on. (If this category shows up as a red link after you save, please mention this on the project talk page or create the category yourself, if the fandom has a canon page and you know how.)
    • Add [[Category:YEAR]], replacing YEAR with the year the AMV was originally posted.
  • Links:
    • Link the AMV from the series page (if single-fandom or small crossover). If a section for AMVs doesn't exist on the series page, add one. (For an example, see Princess Tutu.)
    • For multi-fandom AMVs, we may create a list or a category (or both). Please drop a line on the project talk page if you made a page for a multi-fandom vid.