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Name: Clover (クローバー Kurōbā)
Creator: CLAMP
Date(s): 06 June 1997 - 1999
Medium: manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Clover (クローバー Kurōbā) is a manga by the manga circle CLAMP, published by Kodansha. It is currently incomplete at 4 volumes. The world is a mix of cyberpunk and steampunk, so the art style blends fantastical, mechanical, and gritty elements. The story itself is a romantic tragedy.

Most of the main characters are "clovers", people with special powers that vary in strength depending on the number of "leaves" they have. Due to the jealousy of powerful people, all clovers lead restricted lives from a very young age. The manga is about their attempts to free themselves from those restrictions.

Fan Translations

Clover was first fan-translated into English by Fuu of, back when there were only three volumes. The fourth (and so far, final) volume was translated by K of shortly after its publication. These translations were important because there has been no anime series created for Clover, so non-Japanese fans had difficulty accessing the source material before these versions appeared.

Neither translation was a scanlation. Only the text was included; readers were expected to have their own copies of the Japanese tankoubon.

Other Fanworks

As a CLAMP manga, Clover has encouraged a small but steady stream of works. It has been nominated for Yuletide multiple times.[1][2] The unusual art style has also inspired artwork, such as CHKC's Stargate Atlantis crossover, 4 Clovers.

The majority of written works are in the male/male pairing Gingetsu/Ran, but the characters Suu, Kazuhiko, and Oruha also receive attention, as do even some of the minor characters. Gen exists as well.

Clover cosplay, on the other hand, focuses primarily on Suu and Oruha.[3] Due to the wide variety of outfits drawn by CLAMP for each character, cosplay designs range widely, though wings are preferred for both Suu and Oruha. Kazuhiko's gun is preferred by those who cosplay as him.



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