Two Faces (Blade Runner story)

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Title: Two Faces
Author(s): Sara Campbell
Date(s): 1984
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blade Runner
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Two Faces is a Blade Runner story by Sara Campbell.

It was published in Time Warp #6/7 Volume 2.

Editor's Summary

Sara Campbell's "Two Faces" gives us a unique look at the world of the BLADE RUNNER. Consider most carefully the title of this vignette — and then prepare yourself for an ending that will twist around all your preconceptions of the universe presented to us in that most complex and fascinating movie.

Reactions and Reviews

Even if you are not a BLADERUNNER fan, you must read it. This piece has stayed with me for days. Fandom has lost an incredible talent. [1]
Sara Campbell's "Two Faces" is a mixed universe story that makes you wonder if they really are different universes; then reaches out to twist the tale one more time. The feeling of "I shoulda seen it coming" is the proof of how well it's been done. [2]


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