Twisting, Turning, Tumbling

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Title: Twisting, Turning, Tumbling
Author(s): ShiruyTheSecond
Date(s): 27 August 2009 - 16 August 2011
Length: 61,116 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
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Twisting, Turning, Tumbling is a Yassen/Alex story by ShiruyTheSecond.

Summary: 100 Themes Challenge Yassen/Alex Style. It's an easy mission, they just need him to provide cover, he won't be in any danger... Yeah, right. As if that had ever been true before. Alex is so sick of this.

Recs and Reviews

A glacially slow burn, road trip au, and sick fic all mashed into one fic, in non-chronological order based on 100 themes. I’d say this was one of the gateway fics into Yalex for me; there’s nothing like reading a longfic you thought was gen and wishing it were slash, only for the realization to hit you in the face like a brick 50 something chapters later. Alex is on the run for a variety of reasons after a mission for MI6 goes spectacularly wrong, so he surprisingly finds himself leaning on Yassen for help, experincing whumpage along the way. Absolutely delicious.[1]

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