Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: Vivacie

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: Vivacie
Interviewer: swedishyoung
Interviewee: Vivacie
Date(s): June 7, 2009
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Twilight
External Links: interview; reference link
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Twilight] fan Vivacie was interviewed in 2009.

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Do you prefer gradual updates, or reading an entire story in one sitting?

Gradual updates. I understand how hard it is to constantly give birth to new chapters every couple of weeks, plus, I like to be kept on edge.

Type of fanfiction you'll never read?

There's really none that I won't read- I read pretty much anything. From slash, to sibling love, to smut, and just regular OC stories- I enjoy it all, but if I had to pick one, it'd be vampire stories. It's hard for me to read someone elses version of say, Alice or Edward.

Type of fanfiction you could never write? Why?

Vampire stories!! (Though, I'll admit a future story is set partially in Italy and involves vampires.) It's hard for me to imagine writing a story where all your main character thinks about is blood and trying to be a good citizen. If I ever did, my OC would commit atrocities 24/7- I don't think I could write that many murder scenes.

Worst Twilight fanfiction cliché out there?

There's way to many that ruffle my feathers, but I think the worst is the Mary Sue - the character can do absolutely no wrong and it seems that everything they do is prefect. There's just something about that that turns me off. I think another is the whole rape/abuse. OC- though I do admit there are a few stories, despite having such a character, that are wonderfully written and portrayed.