Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: Momentarily Infinite

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: Momentarily Infinite
Interviewer: swedishyoung
Interviewee: Momentarily Infinite
Date(s): June 7, 2009
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Twilight
External Links: interview; reference link
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Twilight fan Momentarily Infinite was interviewed in 2009.

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Type of fanfiction you'll never read?

I'm up for pretty much all fanfiction. Graphic lemons freak me out a bit, but I've gotta find stories for my C2 so I skim them anyway.

Worst Twilight fanfiction cliché out there?

Most of the ones about the personalities of the Cullens drive me insane. Emmett's a sex-maniac, Rosalie does nothing but brush her hair and glare at Bella, Alice shops every single day...characters are three dimensional, people!

Fanfiction pet peeve?

"I suck at summaries, just read and review!" If you suck at summaries, you can't be a very good writer, can you? I never read stories without a summary.

Do you prefer gradual updates, or reading an entire story in one sitting?

Gradual updates gives you a sense of anticipation, it's definitely my favourite way to read.