Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: The Earth Song

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Twilight Fanfiction Author Interview: The Earth Song
Interviewer: swedishyoung
Interviewee: The Earth Song
Date(s): June 7, 2009
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Twilight
External Links: interview; reference link
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Twilight fan The Earth Song was interviewed in 2009.

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Type of fanfiction you'll never read?

Anything with explicit sex scenes and over the top swearing and anything where the author has no idea what he/she is writing about and I know it. (Research is good!)

Type of fanfiction you could never write? Why?

Bella and Edward pairings – it's already been done and who can be better than Stephenie.

Worst Twilight fanfiction cliché out there?

Bella leaving Edward for forever or vice versa – would never happen EVER!!!

Do you prefer gradual updates, or reading an entire story in one sitting?

I prefer stories that are finished so that I have the option for reading it all in one sitting or coming back day after day or stories that are updated every week -- without the author missing an update or failing to finish.