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Name: Troped
Date(s): March 2019-present
Moderator(s): Thelittlefanpire, Dylanobrienisbatman
Founder: Thelittlefanpire, Dylanobrienisbatman
Type: fanfiction, trope-based challenges, competitions, gift exchanges, secret santas
Fandom: The 100, Julie and the Phantoms, multifandom
URL: Tumblr, A03 Master Collection
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You may be looking for the glossary term Trope.

Troped, previously known as Chopped: The 100 Fanfic Challenge, is a fanfiction challenge designed around fanfic tropes. Its format is inspired by the cooking show Chopped. There are many variations of the challenge; in its basic format, authors are given a prompt consisting of a set of tropes and sometimes a theme, genre, character or other parameter. Voting is run after the challenge is complete, and fics are anonymous until after winners have been announced. There are may variations on this common format. Every challenge typically uses different rules, tropes and/or themes to every other; as such, each challenge is unique.

Several challenges are run each year. Some challenges are specifically designed for a holiday or other notable landmark of the year; challenges in October are typically horror themed, and a Holiday Trope Exchange run like a Secret Santa typically runs in December.

The challenge begun in The 100 fandom, and the majority of challenges thus far have been for this fandom. As of 2021, challenges have also been multifandom or in the Julie and the Phantoms fandom.

Types of Challenges

There are four basic kinds of Troped challenges.

The first is simply referred to as TROPED. These challenges consists of four rounds, each with a theme and set of randomised tropes that must be included in the fic. There is a voting period after each round, with categories for best in each trope, overall best, and bonus categories such as rarest pairing. The final round is a championship round, and is open only to the first, second and third place winners of the first three rounds. This was the original format for the challenge.

The second is referred to as TROPED Choice. These challenges consist of a single round and theme, and all tropes are chosen by the writer from a masterlist. There is often a list of tropes curated for the challenge's specific theme that the writer is required to include at least one of in their fic.

The third is referred to as TROPED MADNESS. These challenges are inspired by NCAA March Madness; they are anonymous fic tournaments with eliminations on each round. Each round typically has an assigned theme, character and tropes. The amount of rounds depends on the amount of signups for the challenge, and there is a qualifying round in the case of an uneven number of signups.

The fourth is referred to as TROPED: Fic Exchange. These challenges are double blind gift exchanges where the recipient requests four tropes for the writer to include. In more recent challenges, the recipient has also been able to select a small list of pairings that they are interested in receiving for the writer to choose between. One of these challenges typically runs in December with a holiday theme.

Many challenges introduce further variations on these basic formats. 2021's TROPED VISUAL, for example, is a TROPED challenge with moodboards instead of a list of tropes, rolling writing periods, more relaxed voting and no championship round.


On March 6, 2019, Chants-de-lune made a post suggesting a fanfiction challenge with a similar format to Chopped. A few writers responded with their interest in participating in such a challenge, including Thelittlefanpire, one of Troped's founders.


Chopped but for fic writers with four different tropes


Ted Allen voice: and in the angst round you must include…. bedsharing…. fake dating…. sex pollen….and a coffee shop.




OMG. YAS. This sounds amazingggggg![1]

Four days later, Dylanobrienisbatman announced her intention of hosting "Chopped: The 100 Fanfic Challenge" with Thelittlefanpire.[2] The challenge's official rules and dates went live the same day, with the first round set to commence later that month.[3] Both posts also included a link to a tropes list document to crowdsource tropes that would be randomised for each round.

After the success of the first challenge, Dylanobrienisbatman announced another challenge with the same format in September 2019.[4] An official blog with the username Chopped100challenge was also created at this time to serve as a central hub.[5]

Challenges continued to be held via this account on a basis of one challenge for every one or two months. The other three formats of Troped Challenges were created in late 2019 and early 2020, being originally known as Chopped: Trope Exchanges, Chopped Madness and Chopped Choice.

On January 1, 2021, the main blog announced that they were rebranding to Troped to continue challenges under their own name and branding. The blog's url was changed to troped-fanfic-challenge in accordance with this change.

Welcome to the New Year! It’s a new us! And we’re excited to announce that we are rebranding Chopped!!!!

We’ve had such great success over the last two years with this little competition and we’re looking to continue with what we’ve created here, but also move forward on our own, away from the Chopped stylization and name. TROPED will function the same way as it always has with a mystery basket of tropes in anonymous competitions![6]

A Discord sever was also created at this time. The mods also expressed interest at this time in creating challenges in other fandoms;[7] the first such challenge was JATP TROPED in the Julie and the Phantoms fandom. The first multifandom event, TROPED VISUAL, also followed shortly.

List of Challenges


  • Chopped 1.0 (March 25 - April 29)
  • Chopped 2.0 (October 1 - November 12)
  • Chopped: Holiday Trope Exchange (November 19 - December 26)


  • Chopped: Choose Your Own Adventure - later rebranded Chopped Choice (February 1 - February 14)
  • Chopped Madness (February 26 - April 15)
  • Chopped: After The Kitchens Close - later rebranded Chopped Choice: Smut (May 6 - May 15)
  • Chopped 3.0 (July 5 - August 18)
  • Chopped Choice: Horror (October 10 - October 31)
  • Chopped: Holiday Trope Exchange (November 8 - December 27)


  • The 100's TROPED Choice: Western (January 25 - February 8)
  • The 100's TROPED MADNESS (March 1 - April 14)
  • JATP TROPED (April 15 - June 14)
  • The 100's TROPED Choice: Conclave (May 2 - May 29)
  • TROPED VISUAL (July 15 - August 31)
  • TROPED Choice: Horror (October)
  • The 100's TROPED: Holiday Trope Exchange (November, December)


See also the official TROPED Events AO3 Collection Masterlist.


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