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Name: Tristar Industries (also, "Tri-Star Industries)
Date(s): 1970s-1981
Country based in: USA
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
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Tristar Industries is the corporation that ran the procons, Schuster Star Trek Conventions.

Its publishing arm, which preceded it by four years, was April Publications.

The last three cons (1981) were produced by "Capital Expositions." [1] The address of this new company name was the same address (88 New Dorp Plaza) as "Tristar," so it appears it was the same outfit with a different legal name.

Two of the men in charge were Al Schuster and John Townsley. Townsley is specifically mentioned by Starlog #11 as being in charge of of the New York City con in September 1977.

See: Schuster Star Trek Conventions.


1978 flyer

This company produced and sold a number of sound recordings.

A 1978 Statement

Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath's statement, and some product placement for Star Trek: The New Voyages #2
Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, from a commemorative edition of the program book for 1978's Star Trek World Expo:

Dear Star Trek Fans:

Our Goal ... to Summon the Future!

Listen, we know of a little place on Rigel II with exotic Orion dancers ... or maybe you'd like to drop in on a 23rd Century Fashion Show! How about a Talent Contest? Catch the Andorian singer: "I'm So Blue!" Maybe you'd prefer songs in the key of Trek by the Omicron Ceti III group... or a surprise visit by a Vulcan! Or an outline of NASA's long-range plans for "where no man" by Jesco von Puttkamer, NASA's Program Manager for Space Industrialization. He takes Star Trek as NASA's longest goal. Maybe you can get him to autograph the introduction he wrote for "Star Trek: The New Voyages II. "Don't forget to have Nichelle Nichols autograph her story and epilogue in the book. Would you like a rap session with someone who bears a remarkable resemblance to a Starship Captain? Feast your eyes on his new album, "William Shatner - Live', 'or win a chance to talk with him.

All of these things are possible at the Star Trek conventions run by Tristar. More guest stars and speakers... more unusual and imaginative fan-oriented activities than we have ever seen at any other conventions — and we've seen some! This is why Tristar conventions have become a tradition for us — a tradition which we expect to maintain indefinitely.

Star Trek conventions as a whole have been at the heart of what has kept Star Trek alive these many years.. . and none more than, the fan-oriented conventions. Here we can share for a few days the sense of the reality of that future which each of us sets out to summon. In our daily lives many of us are alone or nearly alone. We do what we can in our own ways. But here we can share the vision of the goal, make friends, exchange notes along the way, enjoy, rejoice, see the beauty and value of some of the people who made us see a special vision of the future. It is fuel for the future!

That's another reason we've made Tristar conventions a special tradition of our own. At these conventions only we've scheduled special sessions to share our stage with some of the best fan talent we can find — writers, editors, artists, musicians, multi-talenl fan groups. We've been told that "Star Trek Lives" with its fan-fiction section and "Star Trek: The New Voyages" have touched off a tremendous flood of creativity. It is our hope that this chance to get together, exchange ideas with top fan creators, and sometimes enlist their help, will touch off another one.

One of the main reasons we're involved in Star Trek is the good which Star Trek does in the real world towards summoning the future. It is the reason we always try to be available to fans. And it is the reason we thank, especially, the management of Tristar for their vision, imagination and benevolent attitude towards their celebrity guests and fans alike. We have heard only the highest praise for all of them from the Star Trek stars, writers, NASA people ... and we couldn't agree more. Tristar makes what we do here possible and continues to create conventions that are a special experience for everyone.

Each time we attend a Tristar convention, we feel as if we have stepped into a branch office of Camelot. This is Cameiot outbound ... to the stars. Anyone for Rigel II?


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