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Zine Publisher
Name: April Publications
Contact: Al Schuster
Fandoms: Star Trek
Status: defunct
1982 logo
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April Publications was a for-profit fan press publishing mostly Star Trek zines and books.

first page of a 1976 flyer
second page of a 1976 flyer

It may have also agented other zines such as Sensor Wobbles, TrexIndex, and The Corellian Smuggler's Guide, and others.

The press was owned and run by Al Schuster and John Townsley as one of their many for-profit endeavors. [1]

"April Publications" was founded in 1976. Four years later, the two men created Tristar Industries, the corporation that continued to run the Schuster Star Trek Conventions.

The address to send money was the same address as the Schuster Conventions: "APRIL PUBLICATIONS, INC. DEPT. S 88 NEW DORP PLAZA STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. 10306."

Publications: Books, Zines

Publications: Ephemera

  • Discover Vulcan (1977)
  • Certificates and Diplomas ("These beautiful Star Trek Certificates will make a"striking addition to your Star Trek Room. Lithographed in Gold and suitable for framing. Each' Certificate measures 8½ x 11.")
    • Starfleet Academy Diploma
    • Phaser Marksmanship Certificate
    • Vulcan Science Academy Diploma
    • Klingon War Academy Diploma
  • Star Trek I.D. Cards ("Get in on the Star Trek scene with our most popular item ... your own personalized Star Trek I.D. Cards., Identify yourself as a Starship Captain or a Vulcan. Carry a License for your Phaser. Beautifully printed on wallet-size cards in a variety of colors. Raised lettering. Ready for you to sign your name or add your photo.")
    • Set One: Starship Captain, Phaser License, Vulcan Academy Membership, Klingon Identification Card, Galactic Passport
    • Set Two: Federation Membership, Shore Leave Pass, Time Travel Permit, Romulan Identification Card, Galactic Credit Card
    • Set Three: Enterprise Boarding Pass, Tribble License, Vulcan Identification Card, Starfleet Security Card, Library Card - Memory Alpha
    • Set Four: Enterprise Crew Identification, Starfleet Command Identification, Envoy - Babel Conference, Science Officer Identification, Vulcan Blood Bank Membership
  • Star Trek Business Cards ("Here are the official Business Cards of your favorite Star Trek characters. Colorful raised-letter printing on Lusterkote card stock. Set includes Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Scotty, Lt. Uhura, Cyrano Jones, Harry Mudd, Bela Oxmyx, Kang (the Klingon), and Gary Seven. A MUST for every Star Trek fan.")


  1. ^ "This was Al Schuster's operation: "I myself have ordered twice from them, and on both times have had severe waits for items, having to write again. Both times I was told the items had been lost in the mail. Two times in a row? They eventually did sent the items but the hassle was not worth it." -- from a fan in Universal Understanding #2 in 1980