Discover Vulcan

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Title: Discover Vulcan
Creator: Al Schuster and Gee Moaven
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Discover Vulcan was sold by Al Schuster through April Productions. The art is by Gee Moaven.


It is a single piece of paper designed to be folded in three to become a pamphlet, a tongue-in-cheek travel brochure by the "Vulcan Tourist Bureau."

Visit the exotic capital city of Vulcan. Here the colorful customs of old Vulcan mingle with the influence of the new. A day tour of the city takes you to the many historic landmarks. Discover the exciting past and dramatic present of this history-laden land of great contrasts and many dimensions — the only place in which one can find philosophical inspiration, unique social lifestyles, relics of a rich past and an enjoyable holiday in the bright sun.

Vulcans have an exotic grace born of their unique heritage. The Vulcans hold festivals and pageants several times a year to honor great moments in their history.

A tour inland carries you to the hot desert and cooler mountain resorts. Both new and seasoned travelers can experience the enchantment of Vulcan.

Vulcan is more than just a planet — it is a lifetime experience made up of happy contrasts and unforgettable memories. For whatever reason you visit Vulcan, you will discover more than just a planet.