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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Treehouse
Author(s): DVS
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Treehouse is a Kirk/Spock Star Trek: TOS story by DVS.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #1.


"While on a colonization survey, Spock asks Kirk about anal intercourse."

Reactions and Reviews

‘Treehouse’ was very well done, except for the ending. The author effectively creates a believable setting using a minimum of words. Kirk and Spock camp out in a tree house, as they are one of a number of teams studying the bird-like inhabitants of a planet being considered for colonization… Our two heroes have a blunt, but interesting conversation in the tree house, as well as some predictable activity. Unfortunately, the story ends before we find out if Spock is successful at doing something he tells Kirk he’s going to try to do and before we find out the verdict on the birds. [1]
I did not find this story very believable simply because Kirk and Spock's actions were not believable. We are told that K and S do love each other, but they don't act as if they do. Spock's sudden request to experience anal intercourse, with Kirk, and Kirk's immediately agreeing was just too cold and uncharacteristic for them both. What I did like in the story were a couple of the little details - Kirk's (very natural) fascination with watching the birds mating; and the partialness of the seri-set pack and its purpose.... I wonder about things like that myself! [2]
Another version of the “desert island” story idea, which is very well written and enjoyable. Due to a survey team being short-handed as a result of a flu epidemic on board, Kirk and Spock beam down to an uninhabited planet to participate in a project observing a colony of birds to determine whether or not they could be sentient before a colony is set up on the planet.

In order not to disturb the birds they set up their observation post in a tree some distance away. During their observations of the birds’ behaviour, they realise that these particular birds have some rather unusual mating habits, which leads them to reflect on their own lives and both come to the same conclusion, that they have both been afraid to admit how they feel about each other until now. I really enjoyed reading about Kirk and Spock’s easy interactions when setting up the observation post and the way in which they instinctively work so well together while both are enjoying being alone together away from the ship for a while.

Kirk’s astonishment when Spock makes a very unusual request is well depicted as is the encounter between them which follows. Although this is by no means a new idea in K/S fiction, the way in which their observations of the planet’s birdlife leads them to certain conclusions about themselves, is very well depicted. [3]
This short piece begins with Kirk and Spock arriving at an observation point—yes, in a treehouse—to observe a possibly sentient species of bird on a planet ready for colonization. Spock takes the first shift, which gives Kirk the chance to observe him, something he’s been doing a long time and for increasingly personal reasons. Then when Kirk takes his turn at the equipment, we vividly see the birds as well; I always like it when an author doesn’t lose sight of the fact that our guys do have a job! Kirk isn’t sure whether the birds are sentient, but they certainly are sexually active—and clearly bisexual! This observation gives Kirk and Spock a way to begin talking about sexuality, and when Kirk tells Spock he’s bisexual, Spock calmly announces he want to experience anal intercourse. Kirk wastes no time complying, so only after the encounter does he learn why Spock wanted to do this: a Vulcan male has offered to be his bondmate, and Spock needed data. In a rush of confused feelings, Kirk offers himself instead. Spock is at first skeptical, thinking Kirk’s motive is sexual, so Kirk makes love to Spock again, tenderly and slowly this time. Spock is convinced. Although I was a little disappointed that Spock accepts Kirk’s offer in a straight-forward way at the end, without any emotional proclamations of his own, I nevertheless like the ways D.V.S. shows Spock is an alien in this story, physically and emotionally. And if the K/S plot itself is nothing unusual, the story really stands out in her use of vivid and original details, from the setting to the particulars of Spock’s sexuality. [4]
"Treehouse" by D.V.S. has Kirk and Spock spying on an avian race to see if they are sentient, and working on their own relationship at the same time. Very well-written, especially the last lovely and revelatory sentence. [5]


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