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Title: "I ain't no lady, but you'd be the tramp" (Tramp!Verse)
Author(s): tehdirtiestsock
Date(s): July 24, 2010 - August 15, 2010 (abandoned WIP)
Length: 11,153 words
Genre: knotting
Fandom: J2
External Links: on Livejournal; at AO3

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Tramp!Verse is a three part WIP J2 story that helped launch the Alpha/Omega and knotting fic trend in Supernatural fandom.

The story was a fill for a prompt posted on the Supernatural kink meme on May 17, 2010:

"For this spnkink_meme prompt, which I’m paraphrasing into: in a world where men are either alpha males or bitches, Jensen is a snotty prude who won’t let just anybody have his sweet little ass. Then he meets alpha male Jared. Sort of a human Lady and the Tramp, with dog-like sex."[1]

tehdirtiestsock wrote three parts to that prompt called I ain't no lady, but you'd be the tramp. Her author's notes read: "I debated posting this to the comm (as opposed to my journal) but then I figured it appeals more to this audience than anything else, haha. So obviously, warning for um. Unusual but all-parties-human sex. Also, in a world where some men are built to be fucked, I imagine God was also merciful enough to grant them a self-lubing hole. So, you know. It seems like the kind of thing that I should give a heads up about, hahaha. (warning! lubricating rectum ahead!)"[1]

The popularity of her fic started the trend of people requesting more Alpha/Omega/knotting fics and people writing them. This was on the heels of the trend of people requesting and filling RPS bestiality prompts.

The series is sometimes listed as one of the more controversial stories in Supernatural fandom:
"I'm in SPN and I don't think there will be very many here who disagree when I name BLoD by leonidaslion and Tramp!verse by tehdirtiestsock as being among the most controversial and divisive fics produced to date.[2]


The story was - and is still - popular among fans of the genre. Some fans focus not on the kink aspects, but on the potential for world building:

... pretty early a/b/o fic in SPN RPF, another one very concerned with social justice issues related to the alpha/omega hierarchy. A possibly-abandoned WIP, but again, interesting for historical context (and also, let's be honest, for activist!Jared with earrings and a motorcycle).[3]


I absolutely adore your writing, not just for the enjoyable guilty kink-factor, but because you're really, really good. I'd love to read more in this 'verse.[4]

For many fans, it was kink and the love of kink all the way:

This was fucking hot. How do you write fics like that? You have a GREAT and SEXY and PERVERT imagination.[5]
Others were unhappy when the story moved away from their OTP J2 and into threesome territory:
I loved the first 2 parts of this, but sadly do not like the idea of surprise!threesomes. I think the threesome angle should have been referenced in the first part ..... I probably wouldn't feel this way had the Poly angle been warned for in the beginning or if it didn't feel forced like it does in this chapter. I mean the first part read nothing like a possible Poly future and it feels like it was something that sprung into your muse after having written the part part. Again I have no issues with threesomes when they are warned for and it naturally feels like the story is heading that way, but with each chapter Jared becomes more... not unlikeable, but uncaring.[6]


.....I am an OTP!girl, in whatever pairing I'm reading. I think most of us are more concerned at the un-warned for poly. I for one would not have read if I'd known where it was going, and will not be reading further. It's not dictating the story, it's wanting to know what you're reading.[7]
As of 2013, the work seems to have been abandoned, leaving one reader to write:
I am begging you for more of this. Honest to god, down on my hands and knees, BEGGING. Not only does it stomp all over kinks that OMG!shame me, but it's ridiculously well-written and plotty and has DEPTH. Your background building? Jeebus, that's good. Goddamnit, I NEED to know what happens next.[8]

And finally some fans are grateful that tehdirtiestsock led the way into a new genre:

I will forever adore tehdirtiestsock for beginning the infiltration of it into the SPN fandom. And will forever be sad about her not finishing the Tramp Verse because the readers just had to bring the wank, grrr.[9]


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