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Journal Community
Name: C. v.v. familiaris
Date(s): Created on 18 August 2009 - Last updated on 30 September 2018
Moderator: dbaw2, tehdirtiestsock
Founder: tehdirtiestsock
Type: fic
Fandom: Supernatural, etc.

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cfamiliaris is a LiveJournal community for posting bestiality fic. It was started as the personal writing community for tehdirtiestsock's Supernatural RPF actor-on-dog fic, but tehdirtiestsock opened the comm up for others to post after a few months:

there's been a lot of bestiality fic posted for kink memes, and I dunno about anyone else, but even in my sock name I don't feel comfortable posting a link at a regular comm, because it's so off the beaten for most people.[1]

A few people replied with interest, and one user noted that posting bestiality fic to spn_hardcore had gotten them negative comments because the supernatural newsletter community was tracking spn_hardcore. (A 2019 google search got zero hits for cfamiliaris links in the newsletter.)

A lot of the fic posted involved J2 and Jared's dogs, but J2 as dogs, original male dogs, and non-RPF were also posted. Tramp!Verse, the first A/B/O fic, was posted to cfamiliaris.

As of 2019 the comm has 168 posts; 1,283 comments; and 280 members.[2]


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