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Newsletter Community
Name: Supernatural Newsletter
Date(s): February 2006 to present
Moderator: estrella30, marishna, monkiedude
Founder: estrella30, monkiedude
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: http://community.livejournal.com/spnnewsletter/

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Supernatural Newsletter is a daily newsletter on Livejournal that covers all fannish news related to the Supernatural fandom. Like most newsletters its purpose is to report the 'news' and is not a recommendation list.

The sections of the newsletter are:

Because Livejournal does not have an effective search function, volunteers tag the stories, art and vids listed on the newsletter on delicious. As of Jan 2011, almost 40,000 fanworks have been tagged here. Among some of the early contributors to the newsletter were Estrella, Geeky Dani, Winterlive, Vylit, Marishna, Magickly, Stone Princess, Bunny McFoo and Monkiedude.

The first newsletter was created October 28, 2005 at sn_newsletter by marecagee. 4 months later, in February 2006, a similar newsletter was created by estrella30 and monkiedude - it is this second newsletter that continues today. On February 11, 2011, the 1,777th newsletter was posted.

The newsletter maintains an FAQ here and also offers a place for readers to offer screened (or hidden) suggestions here.


People wanted Dean/Castiel to have its own header separate from Other Slash to denote its importance as a big pairing and/or so people who enjoyed rarepairs could skim Other Slash easily without having to navigate through Dean/Castiel (which dominates that particular header). The mods said no, stating then they'd have to give other pairings their own header like Impala/Bumblebee. [citation needed][needs cite where this discussion took place].

Some Visual Examples

screencap of the 1829th newsletter posted on April 4, 2011. Note the changes: episode reviews are now listed separately, Het and Gen fiction have their own categories and Misc has moved to the end. Click several times to see larger version
screencap of the 1st newsletter posted on Feb 17, 2006, click several times to see larger version

While the main structure of the newsletter has remained relatively unchanged over the years, some alterations have been made to make the newsletter more readable and to allow easier sorting. For example, episode reviews now get their own separate entry and links are self-submitted instead of being manually added by the newsletter volunteers. Over time, the Other Fiction category has been resorted into Gen, Het and Other Slash.


Newsletter FAQ